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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RAW Thoughts

RAW Thoughts

Ummm... Oh dear god.

I can't get a serious thought out. It is kind of cool that Hardcore Holly is back, but, yea. That's it. Steel cage match was lame. There was at least 5 times when Carlito could have won easily, but didn't. That's not cool.

Although, it is kind of cool how the night ended. With the big "Thank you... Mr. McMahon". That was great. (As I read on some other blog who I would give complete credit to if I remembered which one) John Cena is very hit or miss on the mic. Monday he was very miss and very hit. Kind of neat.

But they aren't seriously going to try to make the Highlanders in to a contender are they? Lets hope not.

Actually RAW was very decent. Jeff Hardy, Candice Michelle, Beth Phoenix, and Dennis Rodman all had a nice match tonight. I was just very scared by the whole... Mr. McMahon factor. Or as I like to call it... The Vinnie Fac.

Where was Randy Orton Monday?

He was getting married... In real life.


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if Vince trusts only HHH and HBK to restle him? cause he hasn't been in action since the big show thing and that hell in a cell match I believe. at that time the docs said he would never rrestle again and so my point is in the first line :)

Anonymous said...

Actually..didn't he wrestle Bobby Lashley?


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