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Saturday, August 11, 2007

8/10 Smackdown Thoughts

Best Match: Finlay vs. Matt Hardy (even with the ending.)
Worst Match: Mark Henry vs. Jobber
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: Undertaker Returns Promo
Worst Non-Wrestling Moment: Chris Masters looking for an opponent.
Rating (out of 8): 7.3

The Good

  1. Batista vs. Domino

    Very good match. Batista got his revenge. Not much to say about it, but that's a cool picture up above!
  2. Matt Hardy vs. Finlay

    Really good match. Matt Hardy got some really good elbows in. Finlay tried to use Hornswoggle as a weapon, but then Jamie Noble came down and chased Hornswoggle away. I even kind of like the ending how Finlay went chasing after Jamie Noble to make sure he didn't hurt Hornswoggle.
  3. Kane attacking Finlay and Finlay attacking Kane

    This was a lot of fun to watch, both times. It's setting up nicely for a Kane vs. Finlay angle. An angle in which I think has a lot of potential. I love watching Finlay wrestle. I feel his in ring abilities are a lot better then he gets credit for. Kane vs. Finlay should be fun. I hope they continue this, unlike Finlay vs. Flair.
  4. The Undertake Returns Promo

    Awesome!!!! Just flat out awesome! From what I can tell it's not on YouTube yet, but as soon as it is, it will be here. It was really cool.
  5. Torrie vs. Victoria

    Not much to say about this. Victoria ended up winning then continuing her attack on Torrie Wilson until Michelle McCool came to the rescue... Barefoot... That's right... Barefoot.
  6. Ric Flair vs. The Great Khali

    For a match to prove how dominate The Great Khali is, it was a pretty good match. Khali using his new weapon, which I like, as a pinning technique I thought was great. They need to make some counter to Khali's head grip though. Otherwise it makes no sense. He has the wingspan so he could apply it at anytime, so what's stopping him?
The Bad
  1. Mark Henry Squash

    This proves nothing except that Mark Henry is good on the microphone.
  2. Masterlock Challenge

    Waste of time much? Then again, it always is.
So there you have it. More good then bad. In all seriousness, Smackdown was great! Also, this Smackdown show got really bad ratings.

Boxing Match at SNME/RAW at MSG

---///Boxing Match at SNME\\\---

According to MVP has challenged Matt Hardy to a boxing match at the next Saturday Night's Main Event. Here is exactly what it says.

United States Champion MVP threw down the gauntlet today, challenging Matt Hardy to meet him in the ring for a boxing match at Saturday Night's Main Event. Will Hardy accept?
---///RAW at MSG\\\---

Monday Night RAW will be at Madison Square Garden this coming Monday. That means it is probably safe to assume the return of The Game, that's just my guess though. Also, Saturday Night's Main Event will also be recorded for later that week.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday, August 9, 2007

ECW 7/31 Video: CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer

Sorry this is a week late, but I couldn't find it any earlier. Great match.

Triple H/Summerslam Video Promos

Ball Rankings 8/2: Who's #1?


  1. Randy Orton (Still #1, and looks like he could stay)
  2. John Cena
  3. Umaga
  4. Mr. Kennedy (Kennedy... Kennedy, Kennedy! Kennedy... Sorry)
  5. William Regal
  1. Jillian
  2. Mickie James (She's too good to be jobbing to Jillian)
  3. Maria (As crazy as it sounds she was actually on RAW Monday unlike others...)
  4. Candice (Where was she?)
  5. Melina (Absent as well.)
  1. CM Punk (15 minutes of fame, and #1? Good week.)
  2. John Morrison
  3. Elijah Burke
  4. Big Daddy V
  5. The Miz
  1. The Great Khali
  2. Matt Hardy
  3. Batista
  4. Hornswoggle (Is this the end of the Cruiserweight division?)
  5. MVP
As you can see, not much moving from last week.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ECW Thoughts

Best Match: CM Punk vs. John Morrison (15 Minutes of Fame)
Worst Match: Balls Mahoney vs. The Miz
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: CM Punk's/John Morrison's Interviews
Worst Non-Wrestling Moment: Kevin Thorn attacking Stevie Richards (but it's nice to know that Richards is charismatic. I wasn't sure if he was or not.)
Rating (out of 8): 6.3

Good Things

  1. The Boogeyman's Squash Match/Big Daddy V attacking Boogey

    It is very rarely that you will hear me say that a squash match is good, but this one was. Matt Striker is also very good with the microphone. This looks like it is going to be a very good feud, that I could see even including a PPV match. I doubt the WWE Executives see it that way, but I do.
  2. Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer

    This, even though I don't have much to say on it, was a very good match. I think that the Elijah Express should be used as a setup to an even bigger finisher though.
  3. The Interviews

    I believe there were 3 of them, and they were all good. Stevie Richard's interview was even good until Kevin Thorn attacked him.
The Bad
  1. Big Daddy V's Man Boobs

    Enough said. WWE... Put a shirt on him!
  2. The Miz Talking/The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney

    1st off, I think we can all do without The Miz talking. 2nd off, Balls deserves better then to be jobbing to The Miz. Also, The Reality Check isn't a good finisher. I don't like it.
Well, there you have it. More good then bad ECW.

The Rock gets drafted #1

Long Live The Rock!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who is Mr. McMahon's Illegitimate Child?

Who is Mr. McMahon's Illegitimate Child?

I am personally shocked to see this storyline. Shocked!!! When I heard of the return of the Mr. McMahon, I was expecting it to be kept simple. I was not even sort of expecting Mr. McMahon to play a part in the story. But them giving him an illegitimate child?! Never would have seen that coming. But I like it.

The only question now is... who is the kid? But I've got a better question. Who's the mother? I'll answer the kid question first, then the mother question 2nd.

There are only really 4 possibilities for this, and 2 of them shouldn't ever happen.

  1. Mr. Kennedy. We all knew he was going to play a part in the Mr. McMahon death storyline, but since that was dropped (for the most part) this would be a great place to fit him in.

    This could eventually lead into Shane McMahon getting jealous of Mr. Kennedy. Even eventually lead to a match at SummerSlam, Survivor Series, or some other PPV.
  2. Another possibility is Triple H. The Game. I bet you this came up in discussion at the WWE, but Stephanie McMahon probably blocked it. This is one of the 2 that shouldn't ever happen.
  3. The other possibility that shouldn't ever happen, is Mr. McMahon being the father of his own grand-daughter, The Game and Stephanie McMahon's child that is. This one, if discussed, wouldn't have happen due to Stephanie McMahon blocking it. I put this as a possibility because on the McMahon DVD she says she had to block an angle where Mr. McMahon was the father of her child. Then she had to block another where Shane McMahon was the father.
  4. A 4th possibility is that the child isn't a wrestler. Maybe the child is still a child. This seems improbable because there doesn't seem like there would be much of a storyline to go with that, but just the opposite. The mother of this illegitimate child could be a WWE Diva. Or, the storyline could focus on Vince and Linda. Is this the McMahon divorce storyline we've been waiting for all these years?
Now onto the mother. Don't worry, I'm not planning on making a list for this one.

As stated earlier, the child's mother could be a WWE Diva. This I think may be good. Especially if they manage to bring back a former diva like Trish Stratus to play the role of the mother. Now, nobody get excited though. I've been on all the WWE gossip sites, and the forums, and from my understanding Trish Stratus got offered her old job back and turned it down. So don't expect this to happen with Trish or any other former Diva. It was just an idea.

Who is Mr. McMahon's Child?

This is a poll. To vote go to the right. My vote is Mr. Kennedy.

No Mercy 1999 Video: Edge and Christian vs. The Hardys

One of the best matches ever.

8/07 RAW Thoughts

Best Match: Battle Royal.
Worst Match:
Snitsky vs. Rory Highlander (but it did serve the purpose of building up Snitsky... I still don't know why though).
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: The spoof of McMahon's death, and "The WWE Dating Game"
Worst Non-Wrestling Moment: All the speaking errors.
Rating (out of 8): 6.5

Good Things

  1. Mr. McMahon's Return-

    Although some "experts" may say that Mr. McMahon return would be a bad thing (and I must say before last night I thought it would be too), but in reality it was a great thing.

    I especially liked that they kept Mr. McMahon out of the wrestling part. The only thing wrestling he was involved with was setting the Battle Royal up. But that seemed to mostly be random hatred of Coach... and who doesn't have that.

    The illegitimate child thing may be a little much, but it's better then the Lashley vs. McMahons and Umaga angle.

    I think a good idea for Mr. McMahon would be that if he wants to be involved in the story that they should have a Mr. and Mrs. McMahon separation and eventual divorce. They could divide the business between themselves. It would be hilarious. As long as it didn't take up too much time from the wrestling.
  2. William Regal becoming GM-

    I thought this was great. I had read that this would happen a couple of weeks ago online, just I wasn't sure if it was really going to happen.

    Some would argue that The Sandman would have been a better general manager, and no doubt he would have been entertaining. He would have brought a Steve Austin feel to it. Unfortunately, I don't recall The Sandman ever having good microphone skills, and we do know Regal has them. That's why I think this is a good move.
  3. The WWE Dating Game-

    I was on Yahoo Answers as I often am, answering questions during RAW, and it seemed everyone online hated The WWE Dating Game. Some saying it was a "new low" for the WWE. I think this is crazy. I loved it. I don't see what there wasn't to love about it. It made great use of puns. Absolutely hilarious.

    But I want to say that Santino becoming a heel went really fast. Also, his injury looked fake... even though it was real.
  4. Cena/Umaga vs. Orton/Carlito Set for Next Week

    I think this will be a good match, but most importantly it set Umaga up as a face. I think the process of turning Umaga into a face will go smoothly and quickly, and ultimately go well.
Bad Things
    1. Snitsky

      It wasn't Snitsky's match I thought was bad. No. It served its purpose. I just think the whole "Snitsky" idea needs to be rethought. Especially if they are going to give him a main event push eventually.

      However, if they aren't planning on giving him a main event push, he may be fine. That is, if they just want someone who could have matches as short as 2 minutes long, then he'd be great. Of course, you could also have 2 minute long matches with Cryme Tyme beating up 2 jobbers.
    2. Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James

      The whole Jillian Hall singing thing was horrible. It always has been. What could have made it good would have been if Lillian right after Jillian started singing would have hit her in the back of the head with the microphone. Then Mickie James would have come to the ring and taken advantage of it. That would have been great.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Last Minute Raw Preview

Well, it seems like the McMahon death angle will continue tonight. They have a large stage setup behind the arena. Stephanie McMahon might also be used tonight. Of course, she would be there anyways, but there have been rumors about her being involved tonight. Also, expect Mr. Kennedy to get a lot of attention tonight.

Carlito's Cabana is also supposed to happen.

A Look at Foreign Objects: Barbwire

Hey everyone! This is the first entry in a new series I am starting called "A Look at Foreign Objects". I don't know how long it will last, or if I will even post every day. What I'm thinking is that I could just write about it every so often. That sounds good.

But now back to the wire.

Whenever barbwire is involved in a wrestling match. You can expect blood. Always. It maybe be Mick Foley swinging his barbwire covered 2 by 4 at somebody. Or it could be Mick Foley swinging a barbwire 2 by 4 at someone after he has lit it on fire.

There is also a match dedicated to this weapon. The most memorable of all these matches would have to be Terry Funk vs. Sabu. I was surfing YouTube, and I couldn't find the match. But I did end up finding a video of the highlights from that match. So you can see that below. A very bloody match. Amazing too.

Santino Marella Sidelined Too... Did the WWE Walk Under a Ladder?

Santino Marella Sidelined Too... Did the WWE Walk Under a Ladder?

At a house show, Santino Marella was injured by Umaga. Usually when Umaga does the swinging body slam he takes he opponent to the ground with him, but this time apparently Umaga just threw him to the ground. From the sounds of it Santino's injury does not seem to be too serious, but my only question is. Did someone at the WWE walk under a ladder? Spill salt? Cross a black cats path? What is going on?

Hardy, Edge, Undertaker, Rey, Santino, Lashley, and probably some others that are not coming to mind right now.

RAW Predictions/Rumors

Well, here are some of the rumors just so everyone knows.

-Mr. McMahon returns from the limo explosion, and Lina McMahon is framed for the murder. Mr. Kennedy then gets some sort of nudge from Mr. McMahon.

-Mr. McMahon makes a huge announcement. That he is ending the brand extension. The idea has come up in some of their meetings.

-Mr. McMahon decides to come back and "fire" some one.

All those are not that good of ideas.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

ECW One Night Stand 2006: Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu

Great Match

Are you a WWE Geek?

This is the 1st ever, grand opening of the WWE Geek Online store. Here is the URL, don't lose it, Right now all the stuff has this logo on it but it is pretty neat. I want to recommend you buy the mouse-pads. They look the best in the images.


ECW One Night Stand 2006: Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka

This is the one with the amazing... amazing... chair shot. Great extreme rules match. I miss them so.

ECW 7/31: The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney Video

I thought this was a great match up until the very end. The nutcracker Suite performed by Balls Mahoney was amazing. But the finisher The Miz used was not. Even Tazz was surprised that The Miz got a pin with it.

Mr. McMahon, 2nd Deadman of the WWE?

Mr. McMahon, 2nd Deadman of the WWE?

Well, as I posted earlier this week, here, Mr. McMahon strikes again. But how? What is the story behind it going to be? Is he going to comeback from the car bomb, doubt it, but a source is now reporting that a writer for RAW is trying to bring Mr. McMahon back at the point from where he returns from the car bomb. Apparently the original idea was to have Linda McMahon framed for the murder.

It's obvious to every except to Brian Gewirtz, the writer who is pushing for this, that this is a bad idea. The McMahon death story line was extremely unpopular, especially with the internet wrestling community. It the WWE were to bring it back now, they would have to suffer through a tidal wave of angry bloggers and forum visitors. That's something I can't see the WWE wanting to go through.

Of course, what are their other options? Pretend it didn't happen? That won't work. WWE viewers are smarter then that.

If I were the WWE writing staff, I would keep it simple. No "McMahon raining on everyone's parades". I would maybe just have him make an announcement. Maybe bringing a GM to ECW? Probably not going to happen. Just saying. It would be a good idea.


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