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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Quick Thoughts on Mr. Kennedy/John Cena

I am now under the belief that Mr. Kennedy is in someway cursed...

If you recall, it was Mr. Kennedy vs Bobby Lashley. It may have been the start of a short feud or something. Mr. Kennedy ended up getting the clean win, which I recall was a bit unexpected. I seem to recall Bobby Lashley being semi-unstoppable at the time, unless of course your name is John Cena. Anyways, in the match-up, Bobby Lashley ended up getting a pretty severe shoulder injury. He's out for however many months, at this time I do not recall. Anyways, even though I have never been a fan of Bobby Lashley, and probably won't ever, he's injury was still a big loss. Hopefully it gave him some time to think about what he makes me watch.

Now, last Monday. It was Mr. Kennedy vs John Cena. Kennedy seemed to dominate most of the match. It seemed to me that what they were going for was to make it look like John Cena got lucky with the submission late in the match, if they were, it sucked. Anyways, but in case you haven't heard, John Cena's out. He will more then likely miss Wrestlemania 24. Let us take 12 seconds in silent celebration now knowing we won't have to watch John Cena win for quite some time. 1... 2... 3... 4.. 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... Ah... Now don't get me wrong. It isn't that I'm cheering for his injury. It's just that, like Lashley, I feel he was being used in the wrong role. In fact, he was being used in the wrong role. Just ask anyone. But I'm getting off-topic. The point is that Cena was hurt in a match against Kennedy.

That's all I have to say. I will let you make the (now) informed decision.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Real Reason The Sandman was Fired

Credit: Newsletter

There were several incidents which lead to The Sandman’s firing. In early September on a flight during WWE's African tour, Sandman and some other wrestlers got drunk prior to takeoff and had a yelling match with Ricky Steamboat over smoking on the plane. Later on, due to time constraints a few wrestlers were pulled from a show and Sandman was one of them. Sandman thought this was Steamboat’s way of getting revenge. A few days later, he called John Laurinaitis and requested his release. His release was granted despite Vince McMahon being a fan of his character.

Sandman sold one of his construction companies a few years back and is financially in a good situation where he doesn’t need WWE's paychecks.

Vickie Guerrero Spoiler

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

SmackDown writer Michael Hayes was the one who pushed for the heart attack route in the Kristal & Theodore Long wedding storyline. He had been wanting to do an angle involving Viagra for quite some time. The Viagra induced heart attack on the night of the wedding had actually been scripted since June. Hayes was strong on the Viagra part of the storyline, knowing Vince would love it and that it was believable drug to trigger a heart attack.

The plan from day one was for Vickie Guerrero (and at one time Kristal, but she's likely staying on as a babyface) to get a hold of Long's medical records, find out about his medical issues, and orchestrate this whole thing out in the storyline. The big goal of the storyline is to turn Vickie Guerrero into a major heel. Though it was argued by some in WWE that getting major heat on Vickie would be compromised by the Viagra aspect of the storyline that made it somewhat of a comedy.

Nonetheless, as result of the outcome of the storyline, Guerrero will turn into a major heel General Manager. She would then turn her wrath against Rey Mysterio in particular, to do a Hispanic version of Vince McMahon vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. She would have also used Kristal in the ordeal, and would subsequently fire her former friend from SmackDown.

The original plan for Kristal was for her to move to Raw shortly after the storyline. She's currently in a real-life relationship with Bobby Lashley, and since he had pull at the time, he asked Vince McMahon if she could move to Raw to be with him. Vince agreed, and she should be moving to Raw eventually. However, Lashley is going to be out of action until at least December, so her forthcoming move to Raw may be held off for a few more months.

Another idea being batted around to get Vickie even more heat from the fans is for her to start a relationship with one of the male wrestlers on SmackDown. The idea is that the wrestler would get preferential treatment from her, and it would make her even more of a heel to the fans because she'd be betraying her late husband Eddie Guerrero. The other idea being talked about is that the wrestler up for the role would actually be using Vickie in order to get preferential treatment from her, but Vickie would be trying to get the wrestler "in the sack" in exchange. The wrestler would tease the idea, but it would never actually happen in the storyline because the wrestler is not really interested in sleeping with her; he just wants to further his own career, and thus he'd be the one doing the using.

If Vickie ends up having a relationship with a wrestler, MVP appears to be the primary candidate for the role. There has also been talk of using Edge in the role, but MVP's name has gotten more play.

My take on this is positive. 100% positive. Well, 94 to 96 percent positive.

I do like the idea of turning Vickie Guerrero major heel. Really I love it. It's a good idea. This, of course, being that they do it right.

Although I don't like the idea of MVP starting a fake relationship. I'd much rather watch Edge play that role. MVP is hard for me to want to hate. Sometimes it feels like he just goes on and on and on, and I don't think he'd be right for the role.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is Chris Jericho Comming to Save Us? (Videos)

Yea, sorry for being so busy. I promise you though, I might think about posting more often. I just might. (Probably not though).

Anyways, you have probably been seeing these little 17 second promos that are playing right now. The save_us.222 videos. Also, if you go to and scroll all the way down, they have the video posted on their site. It look like this.

Exciting, right. Well here is two more videos that I found on YouTube. These people are trying to show how this is a Y2J Promo. Pretty convincing. Although, the first one goes a little fast, you may need to pause.


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