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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Moves that I think the WWE should make...

First off, I want to say that Smack Down, even with Edge and Rey out, have enough talent there to make the Smack Down world go around.

When Rey comes back he's going to feud with Chavo. It'll be fun to watch Rey get his revenge. After that though. I don't see what else he can do on Smack Down. Win the Cruiserweight Championship? Nah, he's too good for that. World Heavyweight Championship? Not good enough for that. He is, however, good enough to win the ECW Championship. Since RVD isn't comming back apparently, I think this would be a good move.

Smack Down Thoughts

Smack Down was pretty good. In fact, I didn't mind watching it at all.

My only questions are as follows. Why were some of the dancers at the end white? And why can't ECW be as good as RAW or Smack Down?

Smack Down Results

-Batista vs. Deuce.... Batista won by pin.
-Jamie Noble vs. Hornswoggle... Hornswoggle won by count out.
-Chavo Guerrero vs. Eugene... Chavo won by pin.
-MVP and Chris Masters vs. Matt Hardy and Ric Flair... Matt Hardy pinned Chris Masters for the win.
-Mark Henry vs. Joey Blaylock... Mark Henry won in about 2 minutes with a bear hug.
-Kane vs. Dave Taylor... Kane won with a choke slam.
-Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie Wilson vs. Kenny Dykstra and Victoria... Jimmy Wang Yang pinned Kenny Dykstra to win.
-Khali has a party, that gets disrupted by Batista.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga at the GAM 2007

Sorry it took me so long to find the videos. To be honest though, I wasn't looking very hard.'s Most Exteme Matches

WWE's List This! recently made a list of the top 10 Most Extreme Matches. Hmm... Do you think they should consider bringing some of these back? I do.

10. Steel Cage Match
9. Strap Match
8. Casket Match
7. I Quit Match
6. War Games
5. TLC Match
4. Inferno Match
3. Last Man Standing Match
2. Elimination Chamber Match
1. Hell in a Cell Match

Congress wants WWE Drug Testing Reports

Wow... this is big news. According to Wrestling News World here Congress has asked Mr. McMahon for a report on the WWE Drug Testing policy.

Below is a copy of what Wrestling News World Reported

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been asked by Congress to provide records detailing World Wrestling Entertainment’s drug testing policies in a three page letter dated today.

According to a published report by, Rep. Henry Waxman, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Tom Davis, its ranking minority member, asked McMahon in the letter to “provide a series of documents intended to give the committee and its investigation a detailed look at WWE's drug-testing policy, including information about the results of performance-enhancing drug tests on pro wrestlers.”

Below are some excerpts of the letter that was sent to Vince McMahon:

"The tragic deaths of World Wrestling Entertainment star Chris Benoit and his family have raised questions about reports of widespread use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs by professional wrestlers,"

"These allegations -- which include first-hand reports of steroid use by prominent former wrestlers -- have swirled around the WWE for over a decade. Investigations by journalists have described a culture of performance-enhancing drug use in professional wrestling, high fatality rates among young professional wrestlers, and an inability or unwillingness of WWE to address these problems."

"WWE has a responsibility to do everything possible to eliminate the use of performance-enhancing drugs -- or the perception of such use -- by its wrestlers."

The requests in the letter are very similar to what Major League Baseball was asked to provide according to Requests in the letter include:

- A list of drugs covered by WWE polices
- The entity that conducts WWE’s drugs tests and how many tests they conduct annually.
- The protocols followed by WWE following a positive test as well as their procedures on exemptions to a positive test.
- In addition to the number of tests that WWE does annually, the letter requested information on the number of wrestlers that were tested during that time period

According to, WWE has also been asked to provide "the results of any investigations prepared [by the company] regarding the deaths, injuries, or illnesses of current or former professional wrestlers that may have been related to the use of steroids." and "all communications between [the company] and outside entities including communications with health care professionals or law enforcement authorities, regarding allegations of drug use by wrestlers."

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ball Rankings 7/26/2007


  1. Randy Orton
  2. John Cena
  3. Jeff Hardy
  4. Bobby Lashley
  5. Umaga
  1. Candice Michelle
  2. Mickie James
  3. Melina
  4. Maria
  5. Beth Phoenix
  1. John Morrison
  2. CM Punk
  3. Elijah Burke
  4. Tommy Dreamer
  5. Stevie Richards
Smack Down
  1. The Great Khali
  2. Batista
  3. Kane
  4. MVP
  5. Hornswoggle

Introducing the Ball Rankings

I think I can do this. Every Thursday (unless I do otherwise) I will be publishing the Ball Rankings (The BR) of the wrestlers. Don't worry, I'm not going to include the Smack Down spoilers I have already read.

How can the WWE fix ECW?

How can the WWE fix ECW?

ECW right now is no more then a sorry excuse for professional wrestling. I might as well be wasting my time watching TNA. Ha! Just kidding. ECW may not be any good right now, but I still have my sanity.

Making fun of TNA aside (even though it sucks), what can the WWE do to fix ECW? Well, good news for them. I have the answers.

First off, the WWE needs to realize that after July 24's ECW, ECW is almost completely beyond repair. Fortunately... I used the word "almost".

Another thing the WWE must realize is that people love Balls Mahoney. I don't know why, but even I like him. People love to chant his name, and people love to watch him wrestle. They also like to watch him win, but they love to watch him wrestle.

What the WWE should do is make sure that Balls is involved every week. But never in a squash match. I can honestly say that I do not know anybody who enjoys squas matches.

Right now, immediately, I think it would be a good idea to have Balls team up with the Boogeyman to go against Big Daddy V and Matt Striker. From there I could see him getting into a one on one feud with Matt Striker while the Boogeyman continues with Big Daddy V.

Another thing that needs to change is Big Daddy V. I don't know why he ever had a gimmick change, but it was not for the better. I think the WWE could keep Big Daddy V, they just need to change how he looks. Right now, when I look at him, he looks like a bigger Umaga. Only Umaga is just big. Big Daddy V is ugly. He needs to wear a shirt, and possible different pants. I don't know. Just right now, it is not a good visual. It's painful to look at him.

Moving away from Big Daddy V's man boobs, ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Extreme. EXTREME! Right now it's really more Extremely Crappy Wrestling. They need to have more extreme rules matches. Now when I say there should be more extreme rules matches, I mean there should be more good extreme rules matches. The last extreme rules match was Tommy Dreamer vs. Johny Nitro. This was a lame match. It ended with Nitro tripping Dreamer into a chair, and then pinning him for the win. They WWE should add more extreme rules matches, just make them good extreme rules matches.

Next, the WWE needs to do something about The Miz. Maybe death by fire squad? No I'm kidding. He's not really that bad. But he talks to much. Way too much. And I have polled women, and I have not had one say that he should be considered a chick magnet. The most positive response I got was, "He'd be cute if he looked different". Enough said.

Now, Extreme Expose. Can these girls wrestle. If the answer is no, the WWE should release them, and hire Divas who can. If the answer is yes, then the WWE should let them wrestle. But wrestle who you ask? Each other. I can easily picture some sort of feud between the 3 girls over The Miz, except for The Miz part, but apparently he's all they got. After a few wrestling matches, there could be an ECW Womens championship. They could move a few more women to ECW, and it would be as if I'm watching actual wrestling. But will they still dance around you may be asking? Of course. It could be part of the backstage stuff. It'd be great.

John Morrison is a very poor speaker. They need to get him trained to speak, or just have him stop talking. Although I will say I like the idea of 15 minutes of fame, as long as he gets actual wrestlers in the match.

Finally, ECW needs a general manager. Maybe Coach could move from RAW and Regal could take over there. Or maybe Regal could move to ECW. Something needs to happen. This would also be a great chance for one of the McMahons to get back on WWE TV. One of them could stand in the center of an ECW ring at the start of a show, and announce the new GM. One of them, of course, couldn't take over the role full time. The public is not ready for that.

If the WWE were to add a Championship

What if... the WWE were to add a belt. Or even bring one back at that. What would you want it to be? Here are a few possibilities I could see happening. Not that the WWE would actually do one of these, but I could picture them in my mind. This belts would go on either RAW or SD! (sorry ECW: not enough talent). They also would probably have to replace a different title just because of lack of time.

-One would be to bring back the Hardcore Championship. This I feel would be fun. One of the problems with this though, would be that with it you would have to bring back Mick Foley. And I'm not speaking for Mick here, but I doubt that Mick Foley is going to make a full time return to wrestling. I will say I hope I'm wrong there. This would probably replace the intercontinental championship on RAW or the US championship on Smack Down. Another probably with this belt would be the fact that nobody is really "hardcore" in the WWE anymore. Even Tommy Dreamer isn't as hardcore as he once was. I can't really see this working, but I think it's an exciting thought.

-Another option I think would be fun would be a ladder match championship. I'm probably not the 1st person to have this idea, but I think it would be a good one. No, I will even say that this championship would be "epic". The problem, and this isn't a small one, is the wrestlers. Although yes, you would have plenty of wrestlers would could go after the title, it seems like there would be a lot of injuries involved in it. And it's not like the WWE can afford many more injuries to their roster. This one goes on the good list though, just because I think the crowd would be really into it. If put in place, I could picture it being put on RAW. I can't picture this on Smack Down.

-A "3 Person Inter-gender Championship". OK... That's a tough name. Maybe the "Inter-Gender Tag Team Championship". That one may mislead you to think there are only 2 members per tag team, but that would not be the case. There would be 3. Two men and one Diva. This is probably the most realistic idea I've had yet. I think it's a good one. It'd be great because this way you could keep together all of the tag teams the WWE has, and just throw in one of the Divas. The majority of the Diva's don't wrestle anyways. The rules for these matches? They could do 2 things. They could make it mixed, so the men would wrestle men and the women would wrestle women. Or they could make it inter-gender, everyone wrestles everyone. They could also just alternate the rules depending on the situation. I can see this replacing one of the Tag Team Championships on either show. Probably on RAW though because it doesn't seem like there is as many disposable Divas on Smack Down as on RAW. If this were to happen I could see something like London, Kendrick and Ashley facing up against Cade, Murdoch, and Julian possibly (for Contrasting personalities). When I originally had this idea it was a while so things would have worked better. It could have been Carlito, Ric Flair, and Torrie Wilson vs. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Maria (or Ashley) vs. Kenny Dykstra, Johny Nitro (or John Morrison if he prefers), and Melina. It would have been "epic".

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Edge/Ideas for the WWE

Edges injury is more severe then expected. It is completely torn. His expected return date is late 2007, but a number of factors could push that date back.

So what does this mean for the WWE? Is it going to have to keep it's stars healthy? Is it possible to keep their stars healthy? I can answer that one. Doubtful.

So what are they going to do? Let Khali keep the title for a while. I don't know if they know this, but they are going to have to keep us interested in the matches. I know I will still be watching SD every Friday, but some people who actually have lives might find something better to do.

Bottom line, they need some "epic" (notice I use the word "epic... not "good", not "great"... "epic") ideas going for them. Rumors are, that McMahon is really feeling the heat after the Benoit incident. And I have some of those "epic" ideas for them.

-How about a new belt? Why not? Maybe get rid of a dull one. Intercontinental or maybe US? I think I will write more about this in a later post.

-Actually make Extreme Championship Wrestling... extreme? Make the ECW Championship matches extreme rules. Throw Tommy Dreamer into the title hunt, and hell if it's possible throw Mick Foley in there too. That couldn't hurt ECW's rating.

-Make the Divas wrestle like guys. Last Monday's RAW Diva match was pretty good, but usually they suck. Have the Divas go to the top rope more often. Maybe also include some holds which don't involve hair pulling.

-More blood. I've noticed that there hasn't been much lately, and I would like to see more.

-No "Monster Heels". Sorry Snitsky, Umaga, and Khali. But all three of you need to be humanized. People like to watch people, not monsters. Monster faces are OK still, but only in moderation.

There probably more, and if I think of anything I'll post it later.

WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2007 News

Recently WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 was nominated for the best sports game award. I can't wait until it comes out.

J.R had another blog post

Just in case some of you haven't been keeping up with J.R.'s blog, here is a link to his post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Short Letter to the WWE

Dear WWE,


Edward Ball

ECW wasn't that Good

OK, so I may have been lying up above. It was bad. There was no best match. At all. The Richards upset was a little bit of fun, and so were the girls dancing, but not much else was. That's all I have to say. I'm very disappointed in the WWE right now. Especially after such a good (epic more like it) Monday Night RAW. Very bummed out. Very.

RAW was Delicious

Yes. That's right. RAW was delicious. Probably the best RAW in quite a while. Here is what happened.

-The night started out with Coach, so from the start I was not expecting much. I thought it was very odd how he decided that he himself would be choosing the #1 contender, instead of having some sort of match to decide who was going to be the #1 contender, but I played along. I knew from then that he would choose Randy Orton to be the #1 contender (it had been going around on the internet that Orton would face Cena at Summer Slam). Then the show had it's "Wanna be Loved" theme song intro.

-Next King Booker came out to address his underlings. He called The King to the middle of the ring to have a civilized debate as to who should be referred to as "King". The fans were really into it. This is really setting up nicely for the return of The Game. The meeting ended with Jerry Lawler attacking King Booker, but it's OK. He deserved it.

-The next match was a Diva's tag team match. Melina partnered with (of course) Beth Phoenix (I think this is because Beth Phoenix doesn't actually have her own music so she just mooches off of Melina). Mickie James also teamed up with the lovely Maria. Santino walked with Maria to the ring, and I must say, he looked very awkward. I think it was the fact that he was dressed in his ring attire, but he did. He looked very awkward. One of the big things I liked about this match though, was Maria going to the top rope. It isn't often that you see the Divas do that. Then again, it isn't often you see a guy wrestler cheat for a Diva, but tat also happened. Maria ended up getting the pin in this match.

-The next match (after a funny John Cena interview) was The Sandman and Hacksaw vs. Carlito and William Regal. It was a very good match, but I would like to point out to those who did not notice (I say that as if someone is actually reading this) that the Sandman stopped doing the thing with the beer. Carlito ended up winning with a backstabber. Good match.

-Then Randy Orton came out (after Bobby Lashley chased around Carlito) to face Cody Rhodes. I wonder how long this "Legend Killer" thing is going to go on. But... even with Cody acting like he really needs to pee in the ring, the match was OK, but probably the worst match of the night.

-The next match on the schedule was a good one. Mr. Kennedy came out and did his own ring announcement saying to Coach that he should be the #1 contender for John Cena's belt. Then (after waiting patiently) Jeff Hardy's music came on and the crowd went to their feet. It was a very back and forth match ending with count out. On one occasion it appeared as though he (Hardy) had seriously injured his neck. But he turned out OK. The match ended with Hardy throwing Mr. Kennedy into the wall underneath the jumbo screen, and then sprinting back to the ring, beating the referees 10 count. This was probably the best match of the night.

-After that it was London and Kendrick against the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. London and Kendrick not only lost, but seemed a lot less exciting then usual.

-The next (and final) match was the main event, one I thought was odd. It was a champions only match, Cade, Murdoch, and Umaga against John Cena and Candice Michell. Honestly, I was expecting Candice to bring some sort of weapon out to the ring, but instead Jeff Hardy came to her rescue. John Cena then won it with a FU on Murdoch. After the match ended, Randy Orton delivered an RKO to John Cena. He was then announced the #1 contender (as expected) for Summer Slam.

So, as stated earlier, RAW was Delicious.

Monday, July 23, 2007

RAW Opening

Great opening to RAW. Coach is still boring, but the bit with King Booker and Jerry Lawler was great. Plus, the fans were very into it. It was great. I've changed my mind about this posting during RAW thing I'm doing. I'll have one big post once it's done if that is OK with everybody (whose not reading).

I might be posting live during RAW...

Just to let everyone know (again, not like there is actually anybody reading) I might be posting live during RAW. Might....


So here is what happened at the Great American Bash Cruiserweight Open.

Right before the bell rang Hornswoggle runs through the ring. The bell rings while he is in the rings, so that makes him part of the match. What happened then was he went back underneath the ring.

At that time everyone at home watching new what was going to happen, but the wrestlers/announcers didn't. Then later in the match he got the pin and won the match.

I predict that Hornswoggle will pull off an upset and keep the belt (which is almost bigger than him) at least for a week. He will probably lose it to Chavo not this week, but the week after. That is my prediction.

As a side note though... It was hilarious.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Great American Bash Summary

The Great American Bash was fairly good. The matches were good, the performances were good, the backstage thing with Candice was good, it was all very good.

I would like to say that I was right about Cena vs. Lashley. It was not epic. In fact, it may have been the worst match.

Still with that said. The Great American Bash 2007 was fairly good.

The Great American Bash... Results!

Matt Hardy vs. MVP
My Prediction- Matt Hardy
Winner- MVP
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 0-1
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 0-1

Cruiserweight Open
My Prediction- Chavo
Winner- Hornswoggle
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 0-2
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 0-2

Carlito vs. Sandman
My Prediction- Sandman
Winner- Carlito
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 0-3
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 0-3

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
My Prediction- Jeff Hardy
Winner- Umaga
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 0-4
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 0-4

John Morrison vs. CM Punk
My Prediction- John Morrison
Winner- John Morrison
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 1-4
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 1-4

Kane vs. Batista vs. Khali
My Prediction- Kane
Winner- Khali
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 1-5
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 1-5

Randy Orton vs. Dusty Rhodes
My Prediction- Randy Orton
Winner- Randy Orton
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 2-6
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 2-6

John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley
My Prediction- John Cena
Winner- John Cena
My Great American Bash Prediction Record- 3-6
My All-Time PPV Prediction Record- 3-6

Only one title changed hands, and that was the Cruiserweight Championship. I must say though, I knew Hornswoggle would win as soon as he ran through the ring. I do believe that he'll have a hard time defending it.

Great American Bash Update: You will never guess what just happened...

You will never guess what just happened... The Little Bastard won the Cruiserweight belt.

Also, MVP held the United States title.

17 Minutes Before the Bash

17 minutes before the Bash, I must say I am very excited. This is the 1st PPV I am going to be blogging about.

I just wanted to changed one prediction. I am predicting that John Morrison will keep his belt.


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