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Thursday, July 26, 2007

If the WWE were to add a Championship

What if... the WWE were to add a belt. Or even bring one back at that. What would you want it to be? Here are a few possibilities I could see happening. Not that the WWE would actually do one of these, but I could picture them in my mind. This belts would go on either RAW or SD! (sorry ECW: not enough talent). They also would probably have to replace a different title just because of lack of time.

-One would be to bring back the Hardcore Championship. This I feel would be fun. One of the problems with this though, would be that with it you would have to bring back Mick Foley. And I'm not speaking for Mick here, but I doubt that Mick Foley is going to make a full time return to wrestling. I will say I hope I'm wrong there. This would probably replace the intercontinental championship on RAW or the US championship on Smack Down. Another probably with this belt would be the fact that nobody is really "hardcore" in the WWE anymore. Even Tommy Dreamer isn't as hardcore as he once was. I can't really see this working, but I think it's an exciting thought.

-Another option I think would be fun would be a ladder match championship. I'm probably not the 1st person to have this idea, but I think it would be a good one. No, I will even say that this championship would be "epic". The problem, and this isn't a small one, is the wrestlers. Although yes, you would have plenty of wrestlers would could go after the title, it seems like there would be a lot of injuries involved in it. And it's not like the WWE can afford many more injuries to their roster. This one goes on the good list though, just because I think the crowd would be really into it. If put in place, I could picture it being put on RAW. I can't picture this on Smack Down.

-A "3 Person Inter-gender Championship". OK... That's a tough name. Maybe the "Inter-Gender Tag Team Championship". That one may mislead you to think there are only 2 members per tag team, but that would not be the case. There would be 3. Two men and one Diva. This is probably the most realistic idea I've had yet. I think it's a good one. It'd be great because this way you could keep together all of the tag teams the WWE has, and just throw in one of the Divas. The majority of the Diva's don't wrestle anyways. The rules for these matches? They could do 2 things. They could make it mixed, so the men would wrestle men and the women would wrestle women. Or they could make it inter-gender, everyone wrestles everyone. They could also just alternate the rules depending on the situation. I can see this replacing one of the Tag Team Championships on either show. Probably on RAW though because it doesn't seem like there is as many disposable Divas on Smack Down as on RAW. If this were to happen I could see something like London, Kendrick and Ashley facing up against Cade, Murdoch, and Julian possibly (for Contrasting personalities). When I originally had this idea it was a while so things would have worked better. It could have been Carlito, Ric Flair, and Torrie Wilson vs. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Maria (or Ashley) vs. Kenny Dykstra, Johny Nitro (or John Morrison if he prefers), and Melina. It would have been "epic".

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