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Thursday, July 26, 2007

How can the WWE fix ECW?

How can the WWE fix ECW?

ECW right now is no more then a sorry excuse for professional wrestling. I might as well be wasting my time watching TNA. Ha! Just kidding. ECW may not be any good right now, but I still have my sanity.

Making fun of TNA aside (even though it sucks), what can the WWE do to fix ECW? Well, good news for them. I have the answers.

First off, the WWE needs to realize that after July 24's ECW, ECW is almost completely beyond repair. Fortunately... I used the word "almost".

Another thing the WWE must realize is that people love Balls Mahoney. I don't know why, but even I like him. People love to chant his name, and people love to watch him wrestle. They also like to watch him win, but they love to watch him wrestle.

What the WWE should do is make sure that Balls is involved every week. But never in a squash match. I can honestly say that I do not know anybody who enjoys squas matches.

Right now, immediately, I think it would be a good idea to have Balls team up with the Boogeyman to go against Big Daddy V and Matt Striker. From there I could see him getting into a one on one feud with Matt Striker while the Boogeyman continues with Big Daddy V.

Another thing that needs to change is Big Daddy V. I don't know why he ever had a gimmick change, but it was not for the better. I think the WWE could keep Big Daddy V, they just need to change how he looks. Right now, when I look at him, he looks like a bigger Umaga. Only Umaga is just big. Big Daddy V is ugly. He needs to wear a shirt, and possible different pants. I don't know. Just right now, it is not a good visual. It's painful to look at him.

Moving away from Big Daddy V's man boobs, ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Extreme. EXTREME! Right now it's really more Extremely Crappy Wrestling. They need to have more extreme rules matches. Now when I say there should be more extreme rules matches, I mean there should be more good extreme rules matches. The last extreme rules match was Tommy Dreamer vs. Johny Nitro. This was a lame match. It ended with Nitro tripping Dreamer into a chair, and then pinning him for the win. They WWE should add more extreme rules matches, just make them good extreme rules matches.

Next, the WWE needs to do something about The Miz. Maybe death by fire squad? No I'm kidding. He's not really that bad. But he talks to much. Way too much. And I have polled women, and I have not had one say that he should be considered a chick magnet. The most positive response I got was, "He'd be cute if he looked different". Enough said.

Now, Extreme Expose. Can these girls wrestle. If the answer is no, the WWE should release them, and hire Divas who can. If the answer is yes, then the WWE should let them wrestle. But wrestle who you ask? Each other. I can easily picture some sort of feud between the 3 girls over The Miz, except for The Miz part, but apparently he's all they got. After a few wrestling matches, there could be an ECW Womens championship. They could move a few more women to ECW, and it would be as if I'm watching actual wrestling. But will they still dance around you may be asking? Of course. It could be part of the backstage stuff. It'd be great.

John Morrison is a very poor speaker. They need to get him trained to speak, or just have him stop talking. Although I will say I like the idea of 15 minutes of fame, as long as he gets actual wrestlers in the match.

Finally, ECW needs a general manager. Maybe Coach could move from RAW and Regal could take over there. Or maybe Regal could move to ECW. Something needs to happen. This would also be a great chance for one of the McMahons to get back on WWE TV. One of them could stand in the center of an ECW ring at the start of a show, and announce the new GM. One of them, of course, couldn't take over the role full time. The public is not ready for that.

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