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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ECW Thoughts/Cool Site

Alright, my ECW Thoughts are as follows... in list form.

  1. Tommy Dreamer's hair is now hilarious!
  2. Elijah Burke will win next week, even though it will be more interesting if Tommy Dreamer does.
  3. Big Daddy V still needs to wear a shirt.
  4. Richards and The Boogeyman both weren't used. This is odd, because the ECW roster is so thin. I don't quite see how they don't have either of them wrestle, and yet, they have Mike Knox wrestle a jobber. Maybe it all makes sense though.
  5. Make Striker would be much easier on the eyes if he wore pants.
Also, you might want to check this page out. It's kinda funny.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RAW Thoughts

RAW Thoughts

Ummm... Oh dear god.

I can't get a serious thought out. It is kind of cool that Hardcore Holly is back, but, yea. That's it. Steel cage match was lame. There was at least 5 times when Carlito could have won easily, but didn't. That's not cool.

Although, it is kind of cool how the night ended. With the big "Thank you... Mr. McMahon". That was great. (As I read on some other blog who I would give complete credit to if I remembered which one) John Cena is very hit or miss on the mic. Monday he was very miss and very hit. Kind of neat.

But they aren't seriously going to try to make the Highlanders in to a contender are they? Lets hope not.

Actually RAW was very decent. Jeff Hardy, Candice Michelle, Beth Phoenix, and Dennis Rodman all had a nice match tonight. I was just very scared by the whole... Mr. McMahon factor. Or as I like to call it... The Vinnie Fac.

Where was Randy Orton Monday?

He was getting married... In real life.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is every face in the WWE turning heel?

I want to remind everyone to feel free to e-mail me their questions and comments at

Smackdown Thoughts

So yes, it was the Season Premiere of Smackdown. The main event was Kristal and Teddy Long attempting to get married, but then Teddy Long died... or had a heart attack... or just put his hand over his heart to say the pledge, but then forgot the words and was so embarrassed he faked a heart attack... Yea... Something like that.

Is it just me or would it have been hilariously ironic if Teddy Long had a heart attacking during the skit, and nobody broke character?

But yea, these weeks edition of Smackdown featured Maria and Jeff Hardy, and every WWE Superstar. All of the male superstars ended up leaving early, but all the Diva's stayed. I'm going to talk more about this later.

Also tonight we had Rey Mysterio and JBL fighting, but not fighting. Instead we had some Irish guy come to the ring. Interesting. I wonder if JBL is going to start wrestling again.

Overall, Smackdown was maybe a 6/10. Decent. Maria really did a good job being the host and everything.

Is every face in the WWE turning heel?

OK, so at the end of the wedding this Friday, every male in attendance left. Except a few, but they aren't important.

Doesn't this turn them heel? I mean some are already heel, but some like CM Punk and Balls Mahoney aren't heels. I just named those names because when watching a clip from the wedding on youtube I noticed them on the Ho Train.

So like, is this going to cause conflict in all the other "relationships" on TV. Like is Victoria going to dump Kenny? Or is Kelly Kelly going to dump Balls? That would really be too bad. As I have mentioned before, they are perfect for each other.

So yea, this is just a thought.


Triple H making fun of Vince McMahon last Monday

Triple H vs Carlito at Unforgiven 2007

Elijah Burke vs CM Punk at Unforgiven 2007


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