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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ladder Match Month Day 1: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro

Sorry I posted these so late, I'm sick.

Ladder Match Month Day 1: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro

This match was for the IC Championship. This was a great match on RAW.

A Look at Foreign Objects: Ladders

Given that today is September 1st, the first day of Ladder Match Month here at WWE Geek, I thought it would be an appropriate time to publish this article.

Alright... Here we go.

The Ladder Match, is quite possibly one of the best gimmick matches ever created in professional wrestling.

Jeff Hardy (see picture) is probably most famous for competing in these types of matches. At Money in the Bank 2007, he stole the show. After Randy Orton pushed a ladder with Edge on it over. Edge fell at ringside. Jeff then took care of Randy Orton in the ring. His brother Matt put Edge on the ladder. Jeff Hardy could have won the match, but instead he made the highlight reel. He positioned the ladder, climbed 20 feet in the air, and jumped on Edge. Here's the video.


Friday, August 31, 2007

SummerSlam 2007 Video: Triple H returns vs King Booker

Tomorrow starts ladder match month, the thing I've been spewing on and on about... that is... if spewing is the right word.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

WWE Suspensions Explain SummerSlam, RAW, and Smackdown Spoilers

For those of you who are not the best at connecting dots, I will do it for you. These 14 suspensions explain all the weird and odd match endings at SummerSlam. Here is the list of who was suspended again, and I will do some more explaining.

  • Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci
  • Gregory Helms
  • Edge
  • Charlie Haas
  • Santino Marella
  • William Regal
  • King Booker
  • Chavo Guerrero
  • John Morrison
  • Mr. Kennedy
  • Randy Orton
  • Funkai
  • Chris Master
  • and Batista
So, as I was saying, this all makes perfect sense. Although reading this list at first your jaw may be dropped so low it is now resting in your lap, trust me, this makes sense.

Let's start at the top. The top 3 don't really matter, Simon Dean, Gregory Helms, and Edge, because they are not currently wrestling. While Charlie Haas is somewhat irrelevant, and the Santino, Maria, and Ron Simmons angle was completely worked out of RAW last Monday.

William Regal is a little harder to explain, but he wasn't involved in any feuds so he will slip out nicely. King Booker's angle with Triple H wasn't continued, so he'll slip out easily too.

Now, I don't want to give away to much from the Smackdown Spoilers I read, but I will say Chavo wasn't in the show. So Chavo too, slips out nicely.

John Morrison is by far the toughest to explain. I think the fact that he kept the ECW title means that these suspensions are short. Also, ECW doesn't need him on TV. He could have shot some promos last Tuesday, and they could just air them in these coming weeks. So they don't really need him there.

Mr. Kennedy makes sense too. This may be why he didn't win the IC Championship like many were expecting. Same goes for Randy Orton only with the WWE Title.

Funkai is irrelevant, and so is Chris Masters, for the most part. I will say that from the spoilers I read, his new angle could involve him being gone for a few weeks.

Finally Batista. (Again, trying not to tell to much about Smackdown) All I will say is that the feud with The Great Khali isn't going to continue.

See? Perfect sense.

WWE Suspends 11 Superstars... Big Superstars

OK so apparently these people are suspended for getting internet prescriptions.

Here is their official statement regarding it.

STAMFORD, Conn., August 30, 2007 - Based on independent information received from investigators from the Albany County, NY D.A.’s office, WWE has today, under the penalty provisions of its wellness policy, issued suspension notices to 10 of its performers for violations. It has been WWE’s practice not to release the names of those who have been suspended, but notice has been sent to all WWE performers that names of anyone who is suspended under the Wellness Policy as of November 1 will be made public.

So who are these superstars? The list will make your jaw drop. For dramatic effect, I will start small, and end large.

  • Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci, Currently a WWE office worker.
  • Gregory Helms, Not currently wrestling.
  • Edge, Not currently wrestling.
  • Charlie Haas, here we start to get bigger. Just wait for the next name.
  • Santino Marella, no big deal, but wait for this next one.
  • William Regal, wait for it.
  • King Booker, not that we enjoyed him, it is still a big blow.
  • Chavo Guerrero, this is intersting.
  • John Morrison, crap.
  • Mr. Kennedy, just a week or so after saying the wellness program made him go off steroids. To be fair, I haven't read that they have been suspended for steroid use, just getting internet prescriptions.
  • Randy Orton, are you serious?
Yea, this wasn't any 11 superstars getting suspended. This was any 5 superstars plus 6 top superstars getting suspended.

I don't know how long they are suspended, or if they are all suspended at the same time. But this is 6 RAW Superstars. The ECW Champion. And a top SmackDown star, who was just at SummerSlam.

Who does this leave on RAW? John Cena.. Triple H.. Umaga.. Then who? Jeff Hardy.. Carlito.. I am predicting a lot of Diva action next week on RAW.



SummerSlam 2007 Video: Batista vs The Great Khali

Sorry for all the updates.


SummerSlam 2007 Video: Chavo vs Rey Mysterio


SummerSlam 2007: Stone Cold vs MVP in a Beer Drinking Contest Video


SummerSlam 2007: Mr. Kennedy vs Umaga vs Carltio for the IC Championship Video

Since the WWE has been claiming rights on all the videos being posted on YouTube, I went elsewhere.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Terry Funk vs The Sandman vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley

ECW Thoughts

Well today I am going to give my thoughts in paragraph form. I apologize to those of you who do not have the attention span to read this.

So yes. John Morrison is one of the better microphone workers in the WWE today, well I think so. Definitely the best on ECW.

But yes, so for matches this week, we had Kevin Thorn vs Stevie Richards. We had Elijah Burke vs Balls Mahoney. AND we had the fatal 4 way. Plus, on top of all that, we now know that CM Punk appreciates good cantaloupe.

So let us began our journey into me wasting the better half of 5 minutes. Kevin Thorn vs Stevie Richards. This match we've seen so many times now. In the coming weeks we will probably see it a few more times. It can fill 7 minutes I guess. Actually a pretty good match, but we've seen it so many times.

Now, Elijah Burke vs Balls Mahoney. Also a good match. Balls Mahoney is a lot better at selling his offense then most in the WWE. Very good match, expect to maybe see it again. Also, the pre-match stuff reminded me quite a big of a Sitcom Highschool. That is with Kelly, Layla, Brooke, The Miz, and Balls Mahoney. Especially Layla and Brooke huddling together to discuss if loser is the correct word to call Balls Mahoney.

Then came the fatal 4. Big Daddy V ended up taking himself out, this was expected by everyone. But where did The Boogeyman go? He seemed to take a few hits from The Miz, and then disappeared for the rest of the match. I'm a little surprised CM Punk won, but then again I'm a little not. Just to warn them, they can't make Morrison vs CM Punk last forever. They will have to change it up eventually.

*By The Way*

I read Smackdown spoilers, and you are not going to believe what happened.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My RAW Thoughts/Carlito's Cabana Video

Sorry Everyone, I couldn't get to a computer until just now. Here we go.

Best Match: Hardy vs Kennedy
Worst Match: Womens Match (Although it's technically not a match)
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: Carlito's Cabana
Rating (out of 8): 7.90345

The Good

  1. Opening Segment

    Orton going from Ice Man to Crazed Man was just great. Also the crowed seemed really loud. Cena did a good job working the microphone. Is Regal going full blown heel though? Usually he just does things to make them more interesting, but this was weird. He seemed to be doing things to get back at Cena.
  2. Hardy vs Kennedy

    I wasn't expecting Hardy for another week, so this was a fun surprise. This was also a good match that the crowd really got into.
  3. Carlito's Cabana

    A little long, but still awesome. Triple H and Jeff Hardy both returned, and what a difference it made. Wow!
  4. Tag Team Match

    Good match. Shelton Benjamin now reminds me of Dennis Rodman, but that shouldn't bother me too much.
  5. The Main Event

    The twist ending was the best part. I really was expecting Orton to kick Cena's head off, but this was so much better. Instead, he pulled Cena's dad out of the crowd (they were in Boston by the way), and kicked him in the head. VERY UNEXPECTED. But now do I have to cheer for Cena?
The Bad
  1. Lack of matches

    Well, if you were keeping track. Umaga interfered in Kennedy vs Hardy, The Womens match technically never started, and Orton interfered with the main event. The only match with a decisive finish was Rhodes, London, and Kendrick vs Daivari, Haas, and Rodman.
  2. Womens "Match"

    What's the point? What does Beth Phoenix prove by beating up Maria?

This is Carlito's Cabana after The Game arrived.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Best/Worst Match of SummerSlam Polls

OK. 2 new polls now. The 1st one if best match of SummerSlam. The 2nd one is worst match of SummerSlam. Don't mess it up!

Best WWE Brand Poll Results

Well, after leaving this poll up for quite a while, it got a lot of votes.

What is the best WWE Brand?

RAW 591 Votes 42%
ECW 133 Votes 10%
SD! 627 Votes 48%

New Poll Soon!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Thoughts On SummerSlam

Was it just me, or were the matches getting worse as the night went along? I thought that by far the best match of the night was Kane vs Finlay, which is odd. Why?

Well for starters, Kane vs Finlay was the 1st match of the night. That's not usually where they put the best match. Also, it wasn't hyped as the other matches were. This match was announced just 2 days prior to the biggest party of the summer. I hope they continue this feud down the road.

Also, what was with Mysterio's body paint? It scared me at first. Plus if almost all came off by the end of the match. Not one of Mysterio's best tonight, but nice to see him back.

Continuing with Smackdown... what was with the Smackdown main event? I realize that at this point Khali is incapable of having an epic match, but what the hell? He wasn't even that bad in this match. But a DQ ending? The hell? I'm upset at this one. I really am.

The Diva's Battle Royal wasn't bad, especially for a divas match. I picked Mickie James for this match because it seemed as though she was on the verge of turning heel. Apparently not though, unless she's going to team up with Beth Phoenix. Also, do you think the Divas ever get upset over their entrances? King Booker gets a 3 minute entrance, but all of the walking eye candy has to come out in less then a minute to the same song? Or maybe they don't care. Who knows? They all probably came out to Maria's music because she seems to get the biggest pop of all the Divas right now. Maybe they should consider putting the belt on her? Maybe? Eh.

Last thing I'm going to write about is John Cena vs Randy Orton. This match really seemed like it ended prematurely. So I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that Randy Orton is injured. He seemed to be limping towards the end of the match after he delivered an RKO on Cena. Cena then immediately gave Cena the FU. So lets just hope Randy Orton is OK.

I lied, I'm going to go on writing for a little bit more here.

Assuming Randy Orton is fine, and wasn't suppose to win the match in the 1st place, what's next for the WWE Championship? Cena's heel turn, and Triple H going for gold. Probably. I can see it happening. If it does happen I hope they go all the way with it. That is I hope they turn Cena 100% heel instead of leaving him as a tweener or whatever he is now. I did write a few weeks ago how I feel Triple H should not get a title shot immediately upon his return, but it seems like that is what we are going to be exposed to here. I guess there are worse things though.

Or maybe I'm pulling this whole Triple H vs Cena thing out of my ass. Maybe Randy Orton will win it in the near future.


I love caps.

SummerSlam Results

Diva Battle Royal
My Pick: Mickie James
MC's Pick: Beth Phoenix
Winner: Beth Phoenix
Rating: 70/100

Triple H vs King Booker
My Pick: Triple H
MC's Pick: Triple H
Winner: Triple H
Rating: 80/100

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo
My Pick: Rey
MC's Pick: Rey
Winner: Rey
Rating: 81/100

Kane vs Finlay
My Pick: Finlay
MC's Pick: Kane
Winner: Kane
Rating: 92/100

IC Title: Umaga (c) vs Carlito vs Mr. Kennedy
My Pick: Mr Kennedy
MC's Pick: Mr. Kennedy
Winner: Umaga
Rating: 85/100

ECW Title: John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk
My Pick: John Morrison
MC's Pick: John Morrison
Winner: John Morrison
Rating: 72/100

World Heavyweight Championship
My Pick: Batista
MC's Pick: Khali
Winner: Batista
Rating: 45/100

WWE Title
My Pick: Randy Orton
MC's Pick: Randy Orton
Winner: John Cena?
Rating: 73/100

My Predictions: 4 Correct, 4 Incorrect
MC's Predictions: 5 Correct, 3 Incorrect

Well, maybe I'll get him at Unforgiven. MC by the way is the writer of WWE Characters the Blog. Check it out.

SummerSlam Predictions

SummerSlam is almost here! Dun dun dun. Expect title changes... I say. This is going to be one of the biggest PPVs of the year. SummerSlam is one of the original 4 annual PPVs from the WWE/F. Expect this to be a good one. Lets hope that I didn't just gave it bad vibes, or something superstitious. Also, in the spirit of friendly competition, I will be competing in a head to head competition with MC. MC is the writer of WWE Characters The Blog! So visit that site. Enjoy the predictions.

Diva Battle Royal:

There is really no way how to pick this one. We've had a lot of Battle Royals it seems, but there OK. This match could lead to the heel turn of Mickie James. It could lead to the heel turn of Candice Michelle. So many possibilities for this. Both Extreme Expose and Cherry will be competing. It will be her 1st match. Possible winners are Mickie James, Maria (she gets a really good pop from the crowd, expect her to get a push in the future), Beth Phoenix, and Michelle McCool. Don't expect it to be anyone else.

My Pick: Mickie James
MC's Pick: Beth Phoenix

Triple H vs King Booker:

Fairly Obvious.

My Pick: Triple H
MC's Pick: Triple H

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

Unlike The Game vs. Booker, there is a chance the returning superstar will NOT win. Still I'm going with the 619.

My Pick: Rey Mysterio
MC's Pick: Rey Mysterio

Kane vs Finlay

This match is taking the place of what should be MVP vs Matt Hardy, which was dropped because the WWE doesn't want to risk anything with MVP's real life heart condition. So not much has built up to this match. To predict this match, I recommend flipping a coin.

My Pick: Finlay
MC's Pick: Kane

IC Title: Umaga (c) vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy:

This is an interesting match. I can guarantee you Carlito won't win. Also, don't be surprised with a Mr. McMahon interference.

My Pick: Mr. Kennedy
MC's Pick: Mr. Kennedy

ECW Title: John Morrison (c) vs. CM Punk:

I think John Morrison has been doing a good job as champ, and I feel he will continue to be the ECW champion.

My Pick: John Morrison
MC's Pick: John Morrison

World Heavyweight: Khali vs Batista

No clue. At all. If Khali wins, that's no good. If Batista wins, neither is that.

My Pick: Batista
MC's Pick: Khali

WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. John Cena:

This is a gimme for all you predicting out there.

My Pick: Randy Orton
MC's Pick: Randy Orton

Thank you for your time.


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