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Thursday, August 30, 2007

WWE Suspends 11 Superstars... Big Superstars

OK so apparently these people are suspended for getting internet prescriptions.

Here is their official statement regarding it.

STAMFORD, Conn., August 30, 2007 - Based on independent information received from investigators from the Albany County, NY D.A.’s office, WWE has today, under the penalty provisions of its wellness policy, issued suspension notices to 10 of its performers for violations. It has been WWE’s practice not to release the names of those who have been suspended, but notice has been sent to all WWE performers that names of anyone who is suspended under the Wellness Policy as of November 1 will be made public.

So who are these superstars? The list will make your jaw drop. For dramatic effect, I will start small, and end large.

  • Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci, Currently a WWE office worker.
  • Gregory Helms, Not currently wrestling.
  • Edge, Not currently wrestling.
  • Charlie Haas, here we start to get bigger. Just wait for the next name.
  • Santino Marella, no big deal, but wait for this next one.
  • William Regal, wait for it.
  • King Booker, not that we enjoyed him, it is still a big blow.
  • Chavo Guerrero, this is intersting.
  • John Morrison, crap.
  • Mr. Kennedy, just a week or so after saying the wellness program made him go off steroids. To be fair, I haven't read that they have been suspended for steroid use, just getting internet prescriptions.
  • Randy Orton, are you serious?
Yea, this wasn't any 11 superstars getting suspended. This was any 5 superstars plus 6 top superstars getting suspended.

I don't know how long they are suspended, or if they are all suspended at the same time. But this is 6 RAW Superstars. The ECW Champion. And a top SmackDown star, who was just at SummerSlam.

Who does this leave on RAW? John Cena.. Triple H.. Umaga.. Then who? Jeff Hardy.. Carlito.. I am predicting a lot of Diva action next week on RAW.




sir jorge said...

Wow..those are big names

Anonymous said...

ummm....y do people think just because Batista is kind of big that he is steroiding himself, if u dont kno he is a bodybuilder. and u can do that on riods they check u!!


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