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Sunday, August 26, 2007

SummerSlam Results

Diva Battle Royal
My Pick: Mickie James
MC's Pick: Beth Phoenix
Winner: Beth Phoenix
Rating: 70/100

Triple H vs King Booker
My Pick: Triple H
MC's Pick: Triple H
Winner: Triple H
Rating: 80/100

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo
My Pick: Rey
MC's Pick: Rey
Winner: Rey
Rating: 81/100

Kane vs Finlay
My Pick: Finlay
MC's Pick: Kane
Winner: Kane
Rating: 92/100

IC Title: Umaga (c) vs Carlito vs Mr. Kennedy
My Pick: Mr Kennedy
MC's Pick: Mr. Kennedy
Winner: Umaga
Rating: 85/100

ECW Title: John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk
My Pick: John Morrison
MC's Pick: John Morrison
Winner: John Morrison
Rating: 72/100

World Heavyweight Championship
My Pick: Batista
MC's Pick: Khali
Winner: Batista
Rating: 45/100

WWE Title
My Pick: Randy Orton
MC's Pick: Randy Orton
Winner: John Cena?
Rating: 73/100

My Predictions: 4 Correct, 4 Incorrect
MC's Predictions: 5 Correct, 3 Incorrect

Well, maybe I'll get him at Unforgiven. MC by the way is the writer of WWE Characters the Blog. Check it out.

1 comment:

MC said...

Close call on the picks..I had mine as 6-2 in my blog, just for the fact I said Batista wouldn't win the title due to DQ mayhem in my prediction..but I'll accept that as a loss..We'll do this again for Unforgiven! There's gotta be some title changes coming soon..


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