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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Smackdown Thoughts

Here we go...

Best Match: Ugh... Nobel vs Jimmy Wang Yang
Worst Match: Mark Henry vs. Jobber
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: The Greasers attacking Matt Hardy and MVP
Rating (out of 8): 6.7

When I look at this Smackdown, I didn't see too much good wrestling. It did however keep me entertained.

The Good

  1. Opening Segment

    Fairly standard opening segment. Kane's Pyro seemed to scare the hell out of people. Scared the hell out of me. Is Chuck Palumbo going to be doing Mr. McMahon's bidding? Because I thought they were bringing him in as a face, but he seemed to be doing Mr. McMahon's bidding.
  2. Chavo vs. What's His Face

    Good match. Great for setting up for SummerSlam. I don't see the point with the whole cruiserweight division. Especially if Chavo (and soon Rey) just plows over everyone. What's the point?
  3. Noble vs. JYW

    Good match. A lot of cool jumps going on here. Not much to say though.
  4. Hardy and MVP Segments

    I like the idea of making them go for Tag-Team Gold.
  5. Batista vs. Finlay

    Even though Khali's interference was expected and predictable, it was well executed. Very nice.
The Bad
  1. There was no Great Matches

    No Great Matches tonight on SD. Only good and bad.
  2. Mark Henry vs. Jobber

    Didn't see this one coming. Ha!
  3. Victoria's Dancing
  4. Mae Young


Balls Mahoney vs Elijah Burke Video (8/21)


Friday, August 24, 2007

Older Balls Mahoney Promo


Chris Jericho wins WWF Title Video


Thursday, August 23, 2007

What to do with Snitsky

What to do with Snitsky?

Snitsky is often regarded as the worst wrestler on RAW, and maybe he is. He may even be the worst in the whole WWE. But he does have potential. If you watched the John Cena vs. Snitsky match from RAW last Monday, you probably weren't impressed, but I was. (By the way: if YouTube ever goes out... I'm screwed.)

So what to do with Snitsky. Unlike what many say, not all of Snitsky's moves suck. He is very good at high impact moves, such as closelines, and boots to the face. Last Monday he was throwing punches with John Cena. Why? If I was a 7'0" monster, I wouldn't be focused on throwing punches trying to wear John Cena down. I'd kick him in the face.

So my point? If Snitsky stuck to high impact moves, he may have the in ring ability to pull off a decent feud.

Article Continues Below

What about his character? Is his character good enough to have a good feud? Sort of. If he got rid of the acne and the yellow teeth I think he'd be better off.

But his characters personality is great. "Their pain is my pleasure." Bravo WWE. Bra-Vo. And, as the old saying goes, you can never have too many psychos.

As a side note though, I don't think he could ever have a feud for any sort of title. As lame as that is, I think that's the way it's going to be. His character seems like he would only be interested in inflicting pain, not going for gold.

Triple H Returns to RAW Video

Obviously, this isn't from this year, but it's still neat.

Triple H Pedigree Video

Yea, good video. It starts off silent. Don't worry.

Ric Flair Tribute Video... WOOOOOOOOOOO!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Smackdown vs. Raw Delaye, Flair's Retirement, Jeff Hardy, Playboy, and more!

  • Extreme Expose may be doing a Playboy layout leading up to WrestleMania. Should help PPV Sales some.
  • Jeff Hardy has been taken off the RAW Superstars Page. Maybe his suspension has been lengthened. I had read on other websites that he was expected to return around the 1st of the month. (Which also happens to be the being of Ladder Match Month here at my blog. Sorry, I just have to plug that in as much as possible.)
  • Cyber Sunday may be getting cut. There has been a lot of talk about cutting a PPV, and it would most likely be this one. They would probably just change in though, and make it a 3 hour RAW with a similar concept.
  • A WWE UK Territory will likely be starting. Nothing for sure yet though.
  • In the Divas Battle Royal all the usual suspects will be competing along with Extreme Expose (who sometimes compete in tri-branded Diva matches), and Cherry. This will be Cherry's first ever match as she is usually just playing the role of Deuce's girlfriend.

Article Continues Below

  • Batista's new book will probably be a huge. Why? He apparently just rips on guys he hates and guys he doesn't respect in the WWE locker room. From my understanding Batista isn't well liked anyways, so I doubt this will help. This will probably cause a stir in the locker room.
  • Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 may miss November deadline. Mr. McMahon is going back and forth on the decision to put Chris Benoit in the game. I had read earlier on a bunch of websites that Benoit had already been removed, but according to what I've read recently, that's not true. The reason this is such a hard decision for Vince is that if he pushes the games release back then it will miss the holiday season, a season that usually sells a lot of copies of the game.
  • Last Monday night when Lawler was gone and Tazz filled in was a test. It was a test to see how well the 2 go together, and apparently some were impressed. I was. Mr. McMahon has apparently wanted them split for sometime now. If Tazz moves to RAW, Lawler would move to ECW on SciFi to team up with Joey Styles, and work occasional matches. Dusty Rhodes (the booker of ECW) really wants him there. JR and Lawler are very close however. They would probably not be happy about the split.
  • Flair's retirement storyline should start soon. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. My guess is that it would end at either the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, just because they are 2 of the big 4. The other 2 being Survivor Series and Summer Slam.
  • Stephanie McMahon is pushing for D-Lo Brown to be brought up to the RAW main roster. As known, D-Lo Brown has been working dark matches for the WWE.
  • The Undertaker is scheduled to have 3 major feuds upon his return. The first being Mark Henry. Taker will likely put Mark Herny out of action for good. He is likely to retire in a few weeks. His contract is due to expire. Then he should have a feud with Big Daddy V. This of course means Big Daddy V should be moving to Smackdown. Also, he will have one with The Great Khali.
That is all.

ECW Thoughts

ECW was great, I think. Good matches, good booking. Everything was nice. I don't have the time right now to write a long blog post (I'm sorry), but I will run down the good, and skip the bad. How's that?

The Good

  1. The Booking

    I believe that Dusty Rhodes is the booker at ECW right now. Although he's choosing to book with a more traditional wrestling style instead of an extreme style, he's did a great job tonight.
  2. Balls and KK

    Well (I'm totally stealing this from another blog but...) it was a good night for The Beauty and The Balls. Too funny. If Kelly and Balls are going to be walking around together though, it's a good thing they put ECW on SciFi (I may have already made that joke).
  3. Balls vs. Elijah Burke
  4. CM Punk and Boogey vs. The Miz and John Morrison

    Another example of good booking. Also, John Morrison shouldn't be allowed to finish with anything other then the Corkscrew Neck-Breaker

Terry Funk vs Sabu Barbwire Match

Terry Funk vs Sabu Barbwire Match

This is one of the greatest matches (in my opinion) I've ever seen. I posted A Look at Foreign Objects: Barbwire a while ago, but I didn't have this video. Now. I do. Here it is. This match is great not only because of the wrestling, but because both Sabu and Terry Funk gave their bodies to the ECW fans. This was real barbwire FYI.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Dream Card for Unforgiven

OK I lied. This isn't really my dream card. That would consist of a Dude Love vs. Cactus Jack vs. Mankind match (my money would be on Mankind). This is just what I'd really like to see.

  • For the WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs Triple H vs. Mr. Kennedy

    In this Triple H would be a last minute addition. Triple H was added into this match by his former wife (I know they are still married, but on TV they aren't.) who is trying to get back at Mr. McMahon for the illegitimate child/faked death/other things. Mr. Kennedy was put into this match by Mr. McMahon, a gift from a father to his son.
  • The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

    It seems like this is going to happen anyways.
  • For the World Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero vs The Great Khali (c)

    In this match I would have Rey Mysterio and Chavo team up against The Great Khali turning Chavo face in the process. The Great Khali could win this, but then Chavo and Rey could spice up the tag team division for a little while. It would be fun. Then again I'm kind of random with what I want to see.
  • Finlay vs. Kane in a No DQ Match

    The important part is No DQ
  • For the ECW Championship: CM Punk vs John Morrison (c) vs The Boogeyman vs Elijah Burke vs Marcus Cor Von in a Ladder Match.

    Could be fun. It would be Extreme for a change. Extremer anyways.
  • For the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Umaga (c)

    Yes, a Great American Bash Re-Match. You know, it's probably against some WWE policy to do this, but they could have use Jeff Hardy's suspension in their favor. We all know that when Jeff Hardy returns to RAW he will be wrestling, or doing something important, every week. So why not play the whole Jeff Hardy suspension like it was an injury. Build him up without pay. Then when he comes back this angle would be easy.
  • For the Womens Championship: Mickie James vs every WWE Diva that can fit in the ring in No DQ match.

    I just want to see the Divas wrestle like guys for once, instead of having it be watered down.
  • There could be some small dark match to warm the crowd up. Maybe Matt Hardy vs Chris Masters or something non-major.

I would like Your Help

Yea, so I would like your help. I am currently working on a Mick Foley tribute site, and I want your input.

What should I include in it? Right now it's going to have these elements.

  • Related Links Page
  • Bio/Title History
  • Injury List
  • Photos
  • Vidoes
  • Quotes
Anything else? E-Mail me at

Mick Foley Tribute Video

Yes, I know I post a lot about Mick Foley, but he's my favorite wrestler, I can't help it.

RAW Thoughts

Best Match: Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy
Worst Match: John Cena vs. Snitsky
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: Carlito's Cabana
Rating (out of 8): 7.109

The Good

  1. Opening Segment

    Great opening segment. It showed the clip from Saturday Night's Main Event where Randy Orton RKO'd John Cena through the chair. An awesome moment. The crowd didn't get behind Orton though like they had recently. He did however get a pop when mentioning historical events in wrestling such as the Montreal Screwjob. They should continue to do this.

    Even with the opening segment being very good, John Cena is still very dull. Also, is the illegitimate child angle turning Shane McMahon into a face? It seemed like it tonight.
  2. Taz and JR teaming up.
  3. Melina and Beth Pheonix vs. Candice Michelle and Mickie James

    This was probably the best womens match in a long time. It was short, but sweet. I would like to point out 3 things though. 1, Candice Michelle's music is now techno. 2, Mickie James was sporting a (completely) different new look. 3, Jim Ross made a cheese joke.

    In this short but sweet match, Candice Michelle preformed as well as she has in a long time (Could it be because of the Techno?). I was originally disapointed when this match started it looked to be another Team Candice vs Team Melina (they could sell T-Shirts just like Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie), but I was glad to see the ending of this match. Where Mickie James attacked Candice Michelle, and Beth Pheonix attacked Melina. Finally Team Candice and Team Melina, are broken up. (The end of 2 eras?... Nah!)
  4. Cody Rhodes vs Shelton Benjamin

    This was much improved from last weeks Cody Rhodes vs. Charlie Haas. Very good.
  5. London and Kendrick vs. Cade and Murdoch

    Good tag team match. Interesting ending, but good match. This is a good angle as long as they continue the Cryme Tyme vs. Cade and Murdoch angle, and leave London and Kendrick out of it for the most part.
  6. Maria's Date with Ron Simmons

    Although this was pretty much used as transition segments, they did a good job. They served their purpose.
  7. Carlito's Cabana

    Good job. They kept it short.
  8. Kennedy vs. Carlito

    Great match. Odd ending. A double pin. It was like Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton all over again, only less interesting. Still a very good match though.
Article Continues Below
The Bad
  1. King Booker's Crowing

    This was stupid. Not only the fact that they didn't have Triple H, but the fact that they made Jim Ross kiss King Bookers ring. Stupid as well. That was bad, but I'm still mostly mad about the fact that the WWE thinks it will make sense to have Triple H just jump into the storyline at SummerSlam without appearing in a match.
  2. John Cena vs. Snitsky

    Wow.... Um.... Well.... This match was bad. The ending was dumb, and didn't make sense. Still, Snitsky did show improvement.

    I think Snitsky is alright as long as he sticks to the high-impact moves, such as the big boots and the close lines. He sucks throwing punches (but so does Cena so I guess it doesn't matter).

Monday, August 20, 2007

McMahon's Child Search Videos

This is 2 parts, about 18 or 19 minutes. Part 2 is the whole bit with Stone Cold in it.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smackdown Thoughts

Best Match: The Majors vs. The Greasers
Worst Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: (again) The Undertaker's Promo
Rating (out of 8): 6.66 (don't be alarmed)
Article Continues Below
Before you finish reading this blog post remember a number of things.

The Good
  1. The VIP Lounge

    Good name. MVP is a great heel. Smackdown needed a replacement for The Cutting Edge. Maybe the best part of this though, is that they kept it short. RAW is guilty of not doing this with Carlito's Cabana. Sometimes the Cabana is up to 12 minutes long. That's a huge chunk of the show. I wasn't timing this, but it couldn't have been more then 7 minutes including the Masterlock challenge.
  2. The Majors vs. The Greasers

    The Majors are talented. They are good in the ring, and they really clicked with The Greasers. I hope they make something out of this.
  3. Chuck Palumbo/The Undertaker Promos

    Chuck Palumbo looks fun. They should try to mention how big he is though. I believe he weighs in at 285 pounds, but he doesn't look that big in the promos.

    The Undertaker promos are always fun. Not much else to say.
  4. Finlay vs. Noble w/Kane interference

    Finlay is really doing a good job in the ring. Finlay vs. Kane should be exciting. However, Hornswoggle vs. Jamie Noble is not exciting.
  5. Michelle vs. Victoria

    Good for a Smackdown womens match.
  6. Khali vs. Kane

    Ahh... Super-Heavyweights. Although this wasn't a very good match a Wrestlemania, it was here. This was probably the best match The Great Khali has done in a while. Usually he just brings everyone around him down.
The Bad
  1. Chavo vs. Shannon Moore

    Lately it just seems like theres no more life in the cruiserweights. Chavo is still good, and fun to watch, but he's really not as high flying as he once was.
  2. No Mysterio

    I don't like how the WWE is handling the return of Rey Mysterio, or Triple H for that matter. Their logic, and I've read this on a WWE rumors site, is that they figure that more people are going to buy SummerSlam if neither of them have been seen beforehand. I disagree. I think that they should make them return, but not in the form of a match. Have their first match be at SummerSlam. Also, not making them appear makes the matches at SummerSlam make no sense.
  1. Why do they pretend like Smackdown and Saturday Night's Main event are done live?
  2. Are Jesse and Festus ever going to wrestle?
  3. Jesse and Festus better be good in the ring, or they are just wasting out time.
  4. The Michael Cole has less talent then oats joke only works once.
  5. Did JBL seriously say you can't compare apples to oranges? Of course you can compare apples to oranges.
  6. Does McMahon seriously want Khali to be his kid?
  7. Big Dick Johnson was there. Just have to point it out.
  8. Why was Coach dancing with Big Dick Johnson?
Don't forget September is Ladder Match Month here. That means every day I will (try) to post a video of a ladder match. I believe I can do it. All depending on the number of headaches I have.

Undertaker Tribute

Yes, I know. This post is like the ultimate way to say I'm tired, have a headache, and don't really want to make an actual post right now. So here it goes.

  • Don't forget September is Ladder Match Month here. That means every day I will (try) to post a video of a ladder match. I believe I can do it. All depending on the number of headaches I have.


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