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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

RAW Thoughts

Best Match: Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy
Worst Match: John Cena vs. Snitsky
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: Carlito's Cabana
Rating (out of 8): 7.109

The Good

  1. Opening Segment

    Great opening segment. It showed the clip from Saturday Night's Main Event where Randy Orton RKO'd John Cena through the chair. An awesome moment. The crowd didn't get behind Orton though like they had recently. He did however get a pop when mentioning historical events in wrestling such as the Montreal Screwjob. They should continue to do this.

    Even with the opening segment being very good, John Cena is still very dull. Also, is the illegitimate child angle turning Shane McMahon into a face? It seemed like it tonight.
  2. Taz and JR teaming up.
  3. Melina and Beth Pheonix vs. Candice Michelle and Mickie James

    This was probably the best womens match in a long time. It was short, but sweet. I would like to point out 3 things though. 1, Candice Michelle's music is now techno. 2, Mickie James was sporting a (completely) different new look. 3, Jim Ross made a cheese joke.

    In this short but sweet match, Candice Michelle preformed as well as she has in a long time (Could it be because of the Techno?). I was originally disapointed when this match started it looked to be another Team Candice vs Team Melina (they could sell T-Shirts just like Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie), but I was glad to see the ending of this match. Where Mickie James attacked Candice Michelle, and Beth Pheonix attacked Melina. Finally Team Candice and Team Melina, are broken up. (The end of 2 eras?... Nah!)
  4. Cody Rhodes vs Shelton Benjamin

    This was much improved from last weeks Cody Rhodes vs. Charlie Haas. Very good.
  5. London and Kendrick vs. Cade and Murdoch

    Good tag team match. Interesting ending, but good match. This is a good angle as long as they continue the Cryme Tyme vs. Cade and Murdoch angle, and leave London and Kendrick out of it for the most part.
  6. Maria's Date with Ron Simmons

    Although this was pretty much used as transition segments, they did a good job. They served their purpose.
  7. Carlito's Cabana

    Good job. They kept it short.
  8. Kennedy vs. Carlito

    Great match. Odd ending. A double pin. It was like Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton all over again, only less interesting. Still a very good match though.
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The Bad
  1. King Booker's Crowing

    This was stupid. Not only the fact that they didn't have Triple H, but the fact that they made Jim Ross kiss King Bookers ring. Stupid as well. That was bad, but I'm still mostly mad about the fact that the WWE thinks it will make sense to have Triple H just jump into the storyline at SummerSlam without appearing in a match.
  2. John Cena vs. Snitsky

    Wow.... Um.... Well.... This match was bad. The ending was dumb, and didn't make sense. Still, Snitsky did show improvement.

    I think Snitsky is alright as long as he sticks to the high-impact moves, such as the big boots and the close lines. He sucks throwing punches (but so does Cena so I guess it doesn't matter).

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