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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Smackdown vs. Raw Delaye, Flair's Retirement, Jeff Hardy, Playboy, and more!

  • Extreme Expose may be doing a Playboy layout leading up to WrestleMania. Should help PPV Sales some.
  • Jeff Hardy has been taken off the RAW Superstars Page. Maybe his suspension has been lengthened. I had read on other websites that he was expected to return around the 1st of the month. (Which also happens to be the being of Ladder Match Month here at my blog. Sorry, I just have to plug that in as much as possible.)
  • Cyber Sunday may be getting cut. There has been a lot of talk about cutting a PPV, and it would most likely be this one. They would probably just change in though, and make it a 3 hour RAW with a similar concept.
  • A WWE UK Territory will likely be starting. Nothing for sure yet though.
  • In the Divas Battle Royal all the usual suspects will be competing along with Extreme Expose (who sometimes compete in tri-branded Diva matches), and Cherry. This will be Cherry's first ever match as she is usually just playing the role of Deuce's girlfriend.

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  • Batista's new book will probably be a huge. Why? He apparently just rips on guys he hates and guys he doesn't respect in the WWE locker room. From my understanding Batista isn't well liked anyways, so I doubt this will help. This will probably cause a stir in the locker room.
  • Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 may miss November deadline. Mr. McMahon is going back and forth on the decision to put Chris Benoit in the game. I had read earlier on a bunch of websites that Benoit had already been removed, but according to what I've read recently, that's not true. The reason this is such a hard decision for Vince is that if he pushes the games release back then it will miss the holiday season, a season that usually sells a lot of copies of the game.
  • Last Monday night when Lawler was gone and Tazz filled in was a test. It was a test to see how well the 2 go together, and apparently some were impressed. I was. Mr. McMahon has apparently wanted them split for sometime now. If Tazz moves to RAW, Lawler would move to ECW on SciFi to team up with Joey Styles, and work occasional matches. Dusty Rhodes (the booker of ECW) really wants him there. JR and Lawler are very close however. They would probably not be happy about the split.
  • Flair's retirement storyline should start soon. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. My guess is that it would end at either the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania, just because they are 2 of the big 4. The other 2 being Survivor Series and Summer Slam.
  • Stephanie McMahon is pushing for D-Lo Brown to be brought up to the RAW main roster. As known, D-Lo Brown has been working dark matches for the WWE.
  • The Undertaker is scheduled to have 3 major feuds upon his return. The first being Mark Henry. Taker will likely put Mark Herny out of action for good. He is likely to retire in a few weeks. His contract is due to expire. Then he should have a feud with Big Daddy V. This of course means Big Daddy V should be moving to Smackdown. Also, he will have one with The Great Khali.
That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff hasn't been removed from the RAW superstars page. What are you talking about? Just another reason to ramble?


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