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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smackdown Thoughts

Best Match: The Majors vs. The Greasers
Worst Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: (again) The Undertaker's Promo
Rating (out of 8): 6.66 (don't be alarmed)
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Before you finish reading this blog post remember a number of things.

The Good
  1. The VIP Lounge

    Good name. MVP is a great heel. Smackdown needed a replacement for The Cutting Edge. Maybe the best part of this though, is that they kept it short. RAW is guilty of not doing this with Carlito's Cabana. Sometimes the Cabana is up to 12 minutes long. That's a huge chunk of the show. I wasn't timing this, but it couldn't have been more then 7 minutes including the Masterlock challenge.
  2. The Majors vs. The Greasers

    The Majors are talented. They are good in the ring, and they really clicked with The Greasers. I hope they make something out of this.
  3. Chuck Palumbo/The Undertaker Promos

    Chuck Palumbo looks fun. They should try to mention how big he is though. I believe he weighs in at 285 pounds, but he doesn't look that big in the promos.

    The Undertaker promos are always fun. Not much else to say.
  4. Finlay vs. Noble w/Kane interference

    Finlay is really doing a good job in the ring. Finlay vs. Kane should be exciting. However, Hornswoggle vs. Jamie Noble is not exciting.
  5. Michelle vs. Victoria

    Good for a Smackdown womens match.
  6. Khali vs. Kane

    Ahh... Super-Heavyweights. Although this wasn't a very good match a Wrestlemania, it was here. This was probably the best match The Great Khali has done in a while. Usually he just brings everyone around him down.
The Bad
  1. Chavo vs. Shannon Moore

    Lately it just seems like theres no more life in the cruiserweights. Chavo is still good, and fun to watch, but he's really not as high flying as he once was.
  2. No Mysterio

    I don't like how the WWE is handling the return of Rey Mysterio, or Triple H for that matter. Their logic, and I've read this on a WWE rumors site, is that they figure that more people are going to buy SummerSlam if neither of them have been seen beforehand. I disagree. I think that they should make them return, but not in the form of a match. Have their first match be at SummerSlam. Also, not making them appear makes the matches at SummerSlam make no sense.
  1. Why do they pretend like Smackdown and Saturday Night's Main event are done live?
  2. Are Jesse and Festus ever going to wrestle?
  3. Jesse and Festus better be good in the ring, or they are just wasting out time.
  4. The Michael Cole has less talent then oats joke only works once.
  5. Did JBL seriously say you can't compare apples to oranges? Of course you can compare apples to oranges.
  6. Does McMahon seriously want Khali to be his kid?
  7. Big Dick Johnson was there. Just have to point it out.
  8. Why was Coach dancing with Big Dick Johnson?
Don't forget September is Ladder Match Month here. That means every day I will (try) to post a video of a ladder match. I believe I can do it. All depending on the number of headaches I have.

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