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Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Mercy 2007 Poster

Underused WWE Superstars Part 2

See, about a month ago I posted part 1, and I said part 2 was coming soon. Well, it's been a month, so probably a little quicker then you expected it, but it's here.

Here is a link to Part 1. That was on August 16.

So who is the Superstar(s) for today? Well, just one superstar. Most would probably disagree with me on this one, but I'm going to have to say Stevie Richards.

For those of you who are still reading, I will tell you why.

First off, he's young-ish. 35 years old. And he stays healthy, unlike some people we could mention.

2nd off, he's actually good. His role on ECW right now is that of the underdog, but trust me, he's good.

There's really not much else to say about him. He was one of the 1st ECW original stars to appear on WWF TV. He did so during a cross-promotional event.

So I'll leave you with those thoughts.

Part 3 coming soon as well.

Ladder Match Month Day 13: The Rock vs Mankind

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RVD's Interview with Between the Ropes

I'm writing this live as he the interview is going on. Here is what I'm hearing...

Rob Van Dam really sounds like he hated the WWE. Well, not the WWE, just all the travel. He says that once wrestling stops being fun, or just becomes business, it's really hard to keep going on the road to all the shows.

He also is saying that the writing staff didn't really listen to him. He said he wanted to be booked less because of burnout, but the writers continued to book him more and more. Some including his off weekends.

Rob says when the WWE brought back ECW he was excited. He loved it. He was excited to be back in his element. When he discovered the WWE didn't want to send ECW in the same direction he did, the last of his passion was squashed.

Rob's very unhappy that ECW isn't extreme.

He thought that bringing back ECW was bringing an alternative to the "same old crap". He referred to the original ECW as the Anti-McMahon.

RVD says that the respect WWE has for Paul Heyman was very little. He says that the upper management of WWE didn't act like ECW (original) had any fans.

He says the night he won the WWE title from Cena was a very special night. Not just because everyone hated Cena, but also because they loved him. He was also very surprised that the WWE let him win the WWE title because the WWE didn't make him. The WWE usually doesn't make big stars out of stars who became big in other promotions.

When he got arrested, he says he felt bad he let Vince down.

He believes everything happens for a reason.

He rambled on about legalizing marijuana, as usual. He says he just wants people to know the truth.

He says there was so much "not put into the ECW".

He called Kevin Thorn, "Kevin Vampire Dude".

RVD says his heart checked out of ECW when Bobby Lashley was made ECW's lead guy.

He says when wellness policy, a lot of his friends switched to pot. Now that the WWE is testing for pot, he thinks the WWE is going to push a lot of people to alcohol. He says that since the penalty for pot is just a fine, a lot of people will be choosing if the fine is worth it.

He doesn't watch wrestling. He does watch MMA.

He says that if he returns to wrestling he will consider going to TNA. Mostly because of a lighter schedule. He says that he would have to weigh a light schedule against other factors.

He sounds really happy. He's sound happy and healthy. He really deserves this time off.

The interview just got over.

RVD, McMahon, and Rosey

Here we go!!!
-Sources vary

Former WWE superstar Rob Van Dam will be on the Between the Ropes radio show tonight. The show airs from 10 PM-Midnight Eastern time on WQTM 740 The Team in Orlando, Florida. The show is streamed live online at

Vince McMahon was said to be irate at the fact that future plans for the illegitimate son were being leaked out over the Internet. Both he and his daughter Stephanie gave a lecture to the WWE creative team about it -- although they're more than likely not the people leaking the information out. McMahon was so paranoid about the identity of the son being revealed on the Internet beforehand that he didn't tell anyone who it was and flew in all active performers on the WWE roster to make sure that nobody could rule anyone out by process of elimination. Mr. Kennedy was backstage at Monday's show for this reason. They're also being very tight-lipped about where the storyline goes from here, which also suggests that Hornswaggle as the child isn't the end of it.

Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i is currently training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The feeling is he'll be offered his job with WWE back.

9 Reasons why Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney are made for each other

So here it is. The list. The list of why Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney are made for each other. This is no joke, completely serious. Here we go.

  1. Their names are both insanely stupid. Balls Mahoney? Kelly Kelly? Come on! Here first and last names are the same!
  2. Kelly Kelly is obviously blind. Seriously? Have you seen Balls Mahoney? Captain Caveman? She obviously hasn't seen him.
  3. Kelly Kelly obviously has no sense of smell. So we've got Kelly down to 3 senses here. Now I'm not saying that I've smelt Balls Mahoney, but he looks like the type of guy who smells.
  4. Balls is a chair swinging freak, Kelly sometimes sits on chairs.
  5. They are on ECW so they can look as weird (or if you prefer extreme) as they want.
  6. They both have more teeth then they do brain cells. Although that one might be a little mean, probably still true. Even for Balls, who has like 7 teeth.
  7. Kelly obviously is def.... 2 senses left. But his voice isn't nice on the ears.
  8. They both get stared at quite a bit.
  9. It'd be funny as hell.

Ladder Match Month Day 12: Edge vs Matt Hardy

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ladder Match Month Day 11: John Cena vs Edge

@ Unforgiven. Honestly, the before this match was pretty cool too.

Sandman Released?

Someone explain the WWE to me. Please. The Sandman was released. Not that I'm saying he was a terrific wrestler, but he was an above average wrestler.

Does the WWE realize that their roster is running thin, as opposed to thick. (I know, good use of bold and italics.)

My RAW Thoughts

Well, RAW was surprisingly good. I was expecting something a little worse with all of the suspensions. I am also surprised they are bringing up these characters names. When Jeff Hardy was suspended, his name wasn't mentioned once.

But yea. On this edition of RAW, we were visited by not only the Great Khali and JBL, but also the animal. I should probably be less shocked that this is how it went. Having Smackdown stars visit on RAW will probably be a big help while all the other superstars are gone.

But onto RAW. They let Jeff Hardy be squashed by Khali. This was a pretty good Khali squash match. I think its kind of weird that they made the "main event" a interbranded squash match, but whatever.

I'm also surprised that John Cena vs Randy Orton hasn't been changed to a No DQ match, or Hell in a Cell, or something. It kind of seemed like Cena and McMahon were relating for a moment or 2.

Carlito vs Triple H in a Semi-No DQ Match? The hell? Triple H will probably get himself DQ'd.

Also the Diva's match made no sense. Why did Candice come to ringside? She wasn't scouting Mickie James or Jillian. A decent match none the less.

And that was RAW. Nothing else big happened... oh yea!

Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child is Hornswoggle. I think the WWE is getting worse at simulating emotion. Picture this. You have a daughter, and she gets married, and then later divorced. You find out that the guy she was married to is you son. Then soon after, you find out that he isn't your son, and your son is in fact a little person. Even if you're afraid of little people, you smile, because you now know that no incest took place in your family. McMahon never smiled. Never.

I can't picture they go through with this.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hornswoggle Is McMahon's Kid

I bet this is a joke. RAW thoughts coming tonight or tomorrow.

6 Days to Unforgiven

Alright, here is what we have. We have 6 days until the WWE Unforgiven PPV. Sweet. I'm warning you people to buy it, I am predicting a good PPV. I have some thoughts on this though.

First off, if you go here, you can view all of promos they have been running for The Undertaker on Smackdown. If you haven't seen them, you should check them out, their kind of cool.

OK, here is the current Unforgiven Card.

WWE Title: Cena vs Orton
World Heavyweight Title: Khali vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
ECW Title: CM Punk vs Elijah Burke
WWE Tag Team Titles: MVP and Matt Hardy vs The Greasers
World Tag Team Titles: Cade and Murdoch vs London and Kendrick
WWE Women's Title: Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix
Undertaker vs Mark Henry
Triple H vs Carlito

Pretty Neat! Sort of... It is possible that one more match will be announced this week. If that is the case, the match will be a RAW match, or announced on RAW anyways. I say this because I have read the ECW/Smackdown Spoilers and they said nothing of a new match to Unforgiven. Smackdown and ECW were both recorded yesturday.

I assume if this additional match is added, it will be a Jeff Hardy match. I assume. All the other rivalries have matches at Unforgiven. Although technically, Jeff Hardy doesn't have an active rivalry. So maybe I'm just pulling this out of my ass. Maybe...

Ladder Match Month Day 10: The Big Bossman vs Mankind


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