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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My RAW Thoughts

Well, RAW was surprisingly good. I was expecting something a little worse with all of the suspensions. I am also surprised they are bringing up these characters names. When Jeff Hardy was suspended, his name wasn't mentioned once.

But yea. On this edition of RAW, we were visited by not only the Great Khali and JBL, but also the animal. I should probably be less shocked that this is how it went. Having Smackdown stars visit on RAW will probably be a big help while all the other superstars are gone.

But onto RAW. They let Jeff Hardy be squashed by Khali. This was a pretty good Khali squash match. I think its kind of weird that they made the "main event" a interbranded squash match, but whatever.

I'm also surprised that John Cena vs Randy Orton hasn't been changed to a No DQ match, or Hell in a Cell, or something. It kind of seemed like Cena and McMahon were relating for a moment or 2.

Carlito vs Triple H in a Semi-No DQ Match? The hell? Triple H will probably get himself DQ'd.

Also the Diva's match made no sense. Why did Candice come to ringside? She wasn't scouting Mickie James or Jillian. A decent match none the less.

And that was RAW. Nothing else big happened... oh yea!

Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child is Hornswoggle. I think the WWE is getting worse at simulating emotion. Picture this. You have a daughter, and she gets married, and then later divorced. You find out that the guy she was married to is you son. Then soon after, you find out that he isn't your son, and your son is in fact a little person. Even if you're afraid of little people, you smile, because you now know that no incest took place in your family. McMahon never smiled. Never.

I can't picture they go through with this.

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MC said...

I agree with you here. In fact it looks like maybe some sort of practical joke played by Triple H on Vince. I'm sure Kennedy will be the true son of Mr. McMahon and set off a feud between HHH and Kennedy..Could be interesting.


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