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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sandman Released?

Someone explain the WWE to me. Please. The Sandman was released. Not that I'm saying he was a terrific wrestler, but he was an above average wrestler.

Does the WWE realize that their roster is running thin, as opposed to thick. (I know, good use of bold and italics.)


Dave said...

Can you explain to me what are the main specific reasons that so many wrestlers either get suspended or released? Agree with you whole-heartedly regarding Sandman, he at least had a presence that the fans enjoyed. Some of the 'Superstars' have no excitement value... And so many others I am just sick to fucking death of. Dave in Ireland.

Thirteen said...

Exactly, they get rid of the little GOOD talent they have (when I say "good" I mean people that we the fans really enjoy i.e Cryme Tyme & Sandman), but keep sorry ass talent like brian kendrick, paul London, Deuce and Domino, hornswoggle, daivari, fu-fucking 1997-naki,hacksaw jim duggan, snitsky etc. etc.. I dunno maybe they're trying to give TNA a fair shake for when they go into competition.

Anonymous said...

Brian Kendrick and Paul London are amazing, sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is "thirteen talking about? Hacksaw Jim Dugan is a WWE Legend. go fuck off


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