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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9 Reasons why Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney are made for each other

So here it is. The list. The list of why Kelly Kelly and Balls Mahoney are made for each other. This is no joke, completely serious. Here we go.

  1. Their names are both insanely stupid. Balls Mahoney? Kelly Kelly? Come on! Here first and last names are the same!
  2. Kelly Kelly is obviously blind. Seriously? Have you seen Balls Mahoney? Captain Caveman? She obviously hasn't seen him.
  3. Kelly Kelly obviously has no sense of smell. So we've got Kelly down to 3 senses here. Now I'm not saying that I've smelt Balls Mahoney, but he looks like the type of guy who smells.
  4. Balls is a chair swinging freak, Kelly sometimes sits on chairs.
  5. They are on ECW so they can look as weird (or if you prefer extreme) as they want.
  6. They both have more teeth then they do brain cells. Although that one might be a little mean, probably still true. Even for Balls, who has like 7 teeth.
  7. Kelly obviously is def.... 2 senses left. But his voice isn't nice on the ears.
  8. They both get stared at quite a bit.
  9. It'd be funny as hell.

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