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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Most Underused WWE Stars (Part 1)

Now, by underused talent, I don't mean talent that's not being used. I mean talent that's not being used, and should be used.

  1. Mr. Kennedy

    From my understanding, this is going to change in the near future, but at the time this is true. He is easily the most under-used superstar on the WWE roster. He has to be one of the best with the microphone since The Rock. Plus, it would be very easy to make him go from heel to face at any time.

    If I were writing the storyline, which I should be, I would be slapping the belt on Mr. Kennedy real soon. What I want to see is Mr. Kennedy winning the belt before Survivor Series. Winning it from Randy Orton. Just to repeat myself, I'll type it again. I want Randy Orton to take the belt from John Cena. Then I want Mr. Kennedy to take the belt away from Randy Orton between then and Survivor Series. At Survivor Series I want Mr. Kennedy vs. Triple H.

    Also, sometime before Mr. Kennedy is all washed up, I'd like to see Mr. Kennedy make a run as a face. I think his microphone skills give him a lot of potential in that area. Just picture this... Mr. Kennedy shouting his name before a match... Everyone in the arena... Is saying it with him. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a good idea.
  2. Mickie James

    She is arguably the best Diva on the WWE's roster, and by arguably I mean it's either her or Melina. She's not in the ring because she's hot, she's in the ring because she's good great.

    If I was writing the storyline, which again I'm not, I would have her go back to being psychotic. That was fun. Also, along with making her crazy, I would give the WWE Women's Championship back to her. She deserves it. I'd have her turn on Candice. Granted, that'd turn her into a heel, but nobody likes Candice... right? You could also not make her side with Melina. Right now the Diva's division seems like Team Melina (lead by Melina) vs. Team Candice (lead by Mickie James). That gets got old a long time ago.

    Another thing I'd do with her, ignore how that sounds, is I would let her win the IC Championship. As crazy as that is, I think with the right storyline, she could do it. It'd have to be some IC Championship open, and she'd have to pull a Hornswoggle, but I think it'd be OK.
This is part one, part two soon.
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Anonymous said...

I like Candice!!

Edward Ball said...

that's probably good that someone likes Candice.


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