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Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Look at Foreign Objects: Hornswoggle

That's right! Hornswoggle is a foreign object!

He is billed at 3' 11" and 119 pounds.

He is the current Cruiserweight Champion of the world. He won this title by winning a Cruiserweight open, a match he spent the majority of the time under the ring for.

He is the youngest Cruiserweight champion ever, 21 years and 51 days. He is also the smallest person ever to win a WWE championship, and also the first "little person".

Hornswoggle however, is probably best known as the leprechan who is always coming out from under the ring, and pouncing on Finlay's opponents. He is also known as the "Little Bastard".

Enjoy this video of Hornswoggle vs. Little Boogey.

1 comment:

MC said...

He was also used as a battering ram against The Great Khali by Kane and Batista on Saturday Night's Main Event. Definite foreign object!


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