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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RAW Thoughts

RAW was really good last night.

Best Match: Mr. Kennedy vs. The Sandman
Worst Match: Snitsky vs. One of the Highlanders
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: The McMahon Segments
Worst Non-Wrestling Moment: JBL and Michael Cole Singing
Rating (out of 8): 6

The Good

  1. All of the Mr. McMahon Segments

    The first one was great. Stephanie McMahon did a good job selling it. I loved the stare-down between McMahon and Kennedy though. Good job dropping hints. I also loved how he looked at Mark Henry, that's a funny thought.

    Most of the other segments were good as well. The Boogeyman's always funny backstage. It was also funny watching Mr. McMahon talk about his experiences.
  2. Mr. Kennedy vs. The Sandman

    Te first match, and the match of the night. Mr. Kennedy is main event quality.
  3. Cryme Tyme vs. Cade and Murdoch

    Good tag team match. Cryme Tyme is very good in the ring. Fun to watch too. Cade and Murdoch do bore me still though.
  4. WWE Idol

    I know most probably didn't like this, but I thought it was great. They made great use of WWE legends. And although I'm upset Mick Foley wasn't in a match, and from what I hear he wasn't in a match at SNME, he was very funny. It's also nice to know that he knows he will do anything for money. You could probably argue that all of these legends are too good for this, and that's true, but if they were in the ring you'd argue that they were too old for this. So this is probably OK.

    Also, Maria is very funny. I think they should keep using her in roles such as this. I'm hoping the next segment will be WWE's Next Top Model.
The Bad
  1. Cody Rhodes vs. Charlie Haas

    Really bad. Charlie Haas was off his game. Cody was actually very good himself.
  2. King Booker and King Lawler Segment

    This was bad for only one reason. No Game? Where was he? This would have been the perfect time to bring him in with his sledgehammer. At MSG! It would have been perfect!
  3. No Diva's Match

    I put this under bad because the Diva's division still has some talent on RAW.
  4. John Cena and Umaga vs. Randy Orton and Carlito.

    I just wasn't into it. It could have been better. It also didn't do a good job of turning Umaga face.
My Thoughts
  1. Are Maria and Ron Simmons really going to walk around together?
  2. Shad and JTG are both very good with the microphone.
  3. Santino Marella is not very good with the microphone.
  4. Nothing about Jillian doesn't look fake. Her wrestling, and other parts of her...
  5. Is Lillian actually going to sing a song from her album to promote it? Or are they just going to call her a bad singer and a prostitute?

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