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Thursday, August 16, 2007

List of Mick Foley's Wrestling Injuries

Well, I have seen this published a lot of places, so I figured why not post it here. Reading this just makes me sick...

  • In July 1986 in Quencas, Ecuador Mick suffered a concussion.

  • Once again Mick suffers a concussion, but this time in Providence, Rhode Island, August 1986.

  • Mick suffered a broken right wrist in May of 1989.

  • Mick fractured his right shoulder in December of 1989.

  • During a house show match against Sting in December 1989, Mick gets his two front teeths knocked out and he swallows them in the process.

  • Mick seperated his right shoulder in February 1990, while working for the USWA.

  • While touring with All Japan Pro Wrestling in March 1991, Mick broke some ribs.

  • During the feud with Eddie Gilbert, Mick was injured when he broke some ribs, July 1991, but also broke a toe.

  • Halloween Havoc, October 27, 1991, Mick suffered a concussion from the the Chamber of Horrors Match.

  • In February 1992, Mick broke some ribs.

  • Clash of the Champions XX, September 2, 1992, Cactus squared off against Ron Simmons and tore his abdominal in the process.

  • On April 6, 1993, Cactus Jack clashed with Vader. Mick suffered a broken nose, a concussion and needed 27 stitches to close several facial wounds.

  • During WCW's tour to England in July 1993, Mick broke his nose for the second time.

  • Slamboree, May 22, 1994, during the wild brawl where Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan defeated the Nasty Boys for the WCW Tag Team Title, Mick suffered a concussion.

  • On March 16, 1994, during WCW's tour of Germany, Mick's head was caught in the ropes and while he was trying to free himself, he got two-thirds of his ear torn off.

  • Mick suffered second degree bruns on his shoulder in January of 1995.

  • August 20, 1995, King of Death Matches. Mick suffers seoncd degree burns on his right arm, he gets 54 stitches on his left arm, and several stitches all over his body to close all the wounds.

  • In January of 1996, Mick gets bone chips in his right elbow.

  • Mick broke his jaw at Summer Slam, August 18, 1996, in the boiler room brawl against the Undertaker.

  • In December 1997, Mick suffers some broken ribs.

  • King of the Ring 1998, June 28. In the unforgettable Hell in the Cell match, Mick suffered a concussion, dislocated his left shoulder, bruised some ribs, internal bleeding, numerous puncture wounds, and dislocated his jaw, which was put in place during the match. And various reports state that Mick lost between one and a half teeth to three teeths.

  • At Over the Edge, IYH 22, May 31, 1998, during the heated contest with Steve Austin - Mick suffered a broken cheekbone.

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