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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ECW 8/14 Thoughts

Best Match: Kevin Thorn vs. Stevie Richards
Worst Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: New ECW GM
Worst Non-Wrestling Moment: -None-
Rating (out of 8): 5

The Good

  1. New ECW General Manager

    This is long overdue. I don't know why they made Estrada the GM, but I guess thats OK. It's long overdue. Although, I still have to say, that Estrada talks really slow.

    In related news, if you read Jim Ross' most recent blog post, he mentioned that he thought an ECW GM is long overdue. I don't know exactly how much power he has at the WWE, but I think this is very interesting...and long overdue.
  2. Contract Signing

    Morrison got OWNED... big time. Not much else to say.
  3. The Boogeyman's Promo

    Again, not much to say, but it was kind of neat.
  4. Extreme Expose, The Miz, and Balls Mahoney (who happens to be the REAL face of extreme.)

    This was interesting. It did a number of things. 1st, it established that The Miz is afraid of Balls Mahoney, but it also proved that Kelly Kelly is the loser of the group. The loser of the group needed to be established. It was a tossup beforehand, but probably Brooke.
The Bad
  1. Big Daddy V's Man Boobs

    Sorry, someone has to say it.
  2. Big Daddy V vs. CM Punk

    All this showed us is that CM Punk shouldn't be the #1 contender.
  3. Big Daddy V vs. Tommy Dreamer

    Again, stupid. This isn't the Big Daddy V show. I did like the bit about him running to the ring in 60 seconds.
  4. Kevin Throne vs. Stevie Richards

    I know I said it was the best match, but that's wasn't saying much last night.
  5. John Morrison vs. The Boogeyman

    Bad match, and all John Morrison's fault. John Morrison has botched that kick 2 weeks in a row now.
  1. John Morrison really does talk to much.
  2. Big Daddy V jiggles... a lot.
  3. Why is Striker coming to the rings if he isn't going to interfere?
  4. Why is the Boogeyman changing his look weekly?
  5. What does Tazz have against soccer?

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