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Friday, August 17, 2007

What I think of the Cruiserweight Championship

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What do I think of the Cruiserweight Championship? It should be dropped. Or at least changed. Actually I think changed is the correct answer.

But changed to what? A while ago I posted a list of titles I think the WWE could consider adding. (Speaking of titles, apparently the WWE is going to stop putting names on the titles. Sorry I informed you all of that in middle of another blog post, but I didn't want to make a whole blog post just about this.)

But I was talking about changing the Cruiserweight Campionship, wasn't I? Yes. What do I think it should be changed to? I think it should be the opposite of a Cruiserweight Championship. I think it should be a Super-Heavyweight Championship. If it makes it easier, we could also change the name of the other one from World Heavyweight Championship to just World Championship.

Let's define "Super-Heavyweight" as 275 pounds or more. Often, it is defined as 300 pounds or more, but for this lets just go 275. Lets look at a list of wrestlers who are billed at 275+.
  • Batista, 290 lbs, Smackdown!
  • Chris Masters, 275 lbs, Smackdown!
  • Chuck Palumbo, 285 lbs, Smackdown!
  • Kane, 326 lbs, Smackdown!
  • Mark Henry, 380 lbs, Smackdown!
  • The Undertaker, 305 lbs, Smackdown!
  • The Great Khali, 420 lbs, Smackdown!
  • Big Daddy V, 485 lbs, ECW
  • Snitsky, 307 lbs, RAW
  • Shad, 285 lbs, RAW
  • Umaga, 348 lbs, RAW
As you can see, only 4 of the 11 are not on Smackdown. Also, I heard a rumor today that Big Daddy V will move from ECW to Smackdown later this year. So really it's like 8 of 11 are from Smackdown. Amazing.

Now as for contenders, you can probably cross Chris Masters off the list because he is fairly small compared to the rest of these guys. You could cross Big Daddy V, Snitsky, Shad, and Umaga off the list just because they are on different brands. Big Daddy V will probably switch brands, and if they actually created this belt, I bet Snitsky would move from RAW to Smackdown in order to compete for this belt. Chuck Palumbo could probably be taken off the list too. He's fairly small too. Even if he was consider "just right", he'll probably make a run at the US Championship before anything else. I predict by the end of the year Chuck Palumbo will have won a championship.

But also this lets some other quality wrestlers go after the World Championship. Such as Finlay, Matt Hardy, Chuck Palumbo (yes, to me he is already on this list), Chavo, Rey Mysterio, Edge (upon his return), and Ric Flair. Wooooooo!

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