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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My RAW Thoughts/Carlito's Cabana Video

Sorry Everyone, I couldn't get to a computer until just now. Here we go.

Best Match: Hardy vs Kennedy
Worst Match: Womens Match (Although it's technically not a match)
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: Carlito's Cabana
Rating (out of 8): 7.90345

The Good

  1. Opening Segment

    Orton going from Ice Man to Crazed Man was just great. Also the crowed seemed really loud. Cena did a good job working the microphone. Is Regal going full blown heel though? Usually he just does things to make them more interesting, but this was weird. He seemed to be doing things to get back at Cena.
  2. Hardy vs Kennedy

    I wasn't expecting Hardy for another week, so this was a fun surprise. This was also a good match that the crowd really got into.
  3. Carlito's Cabana

    A little long, but still awesome. Triple H and Jeff Hardy both returned, and what a difference it made. Wow!
  4. Tag Team Match

    Good match. Shelton Benjamin now reminds me of Dennis Rodman, but that shouldn't bother me too much.
  5. The Main Event

    The twist ending was the best part. I really was expecting Orton to kick Cena's head off, but this was so much better. Instead, he pulled Cena's dad out of the crowd (they were in Boston by the way), and kicked him in the head. VERY UNEXPECTED. But now do I have to cheer for Cena?
The Bad
  1. Lack of matches

    Well, if you were keeping track. Umaga interfered in Kennedy vs Hardy, The Womens match technically never started, and Orton interfered with the main event. The only match with a decisive finish was Rhodes, London, and Kendrick vs Daivari, Haas, and Rodman.
  2. Womens "Match"

    What's the point? What does Beth Phoenix prove by beating up Maria?

This is Carlito's Cabana after The Game arrived.



MC said...

I noticed the same thing about Raw, there was really only 1 clear winner all night, with Rhodes pinning Daivari. Otherwise the rest seemed like non-contests..and Im guessing they just want to show Beth Phoenix as a dominant diva en route to her match against Candice at Unforgiven..

Tom Cruise said...

Once again, the King of Kings steals the show. I'm already pumped for WrestleMania when he gets to beat the crap out of Mr. Kennedy.

Triple H return = WWE good again!


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