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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ECW Thoughts

Well today I am going to give my thoughts in paragraph form. I apologize to those of you who do not have the attention span to read this.

So yes. John Morrison is one of the better microphone workers in the WWE today, well I think so. Definitely the best on ECW.

But yes, so for matches this week, we had Kevin Thorn vs Stevie Richards. We had Elijah Burke vs Balls Mahoney. AND we had the fatal 4 way. Plus, on top of all that, we now know that CM Punk appreciates good cantaloupe.

So let us began our journey into me wasting the better half of 5 minutes. Kevin Thorn vs Stevie Richards. This match we've seen so many times now. In the coming weeks we will probably see it a few more times. It can fill 7 minutes I guess. Actually a pretty good match, but we've seen it so many times.

Now, Elijah Burke vs Balls Mahoney. Also a good match. Balls Mahoney is a lot better at selling his offense then most in the WWE. Very good match, expect to maybe see it again. Also, the pre-match stuff reminded me quite a big of a Sitcom Highschool. That is with Kelly, Layla, Brooke, The Miz, and Balls Mahoney. Especially Layla and Brooke huddling together to discuss if loser is the correct word to call Balls Mahoney.

Then came the fatal 4. Big Daddy V ended up taking himself out, this was expected by everyone. But where did The Boogeyman go? He seemed to take a few hits from The Miz, and then disappeared for the rest of the match. I'm a little surprised CM Punk won, but then again I'm a little not. Just to warn them, they can't make Morrison vs CM Punk last forever. They will have to change it up eventually.

*By The Way*

I read Smackdown spoilers, and you are not going to believe what happened.

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