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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RAW was Delicious

Yes. That's right. RAW was delicious. Probably the best RAW in quite a while. Here is what happened.

-The night started out with Coach, so from the start I was not expecting much. I thought it was very odd how he decided that he himself would be choosing the #1 contender, instead of having some sort of match to decide who was going to be the #1 contender, but I played along. I knew from then that he would choose Randy Orton to be the #1 contender (it had been going around on the internet that Orton would face Cena at Summer Slam). Then the show had it's "Wanna be Loved" theme song intro.

-Next King Booker came out to address his underlings. He called The King to the middle of the ring to have a civilized debate as to who should be referred to as "King". The fans were really into it. This is really setting up nicely for the return of The Game. The meeting ended with Jerry Lawler attacking King Booker, but it's OK. He deserved it.

-The next match was a Diva's tag team match. Melina partnered with (of course) Beth Phoenix (I think this is because Beth Phoenix doesn't actually have her own music so she just mooches off of Melina). Mickie James also teamed up with the lovely Maria. Santino walked with Maria to the ring, and I must say, he looked very awkward. I think it was the fact that he was dressed in his ring attire, but he did. He looked very awkward. One of the big things I liked about this match though, was Maria going to the top rope. It isn't often that you see the Divas do that. Then again, it isn't often you see a guy wrestler cheat for a Diva, but tat also happened. Maria ended up getting the pin in this match.

-The next match (after a funny John Cena interview) was The Sandman and Hacksaw vs. Carlito and William Regal. It was a very good match, but I would like to point out to those who did not notice (I say that as if someone is actually reading this) that the Sandman stopped doing the thing with the beer. Carlito ended up winning with a backstabber. Good match.

-Then Randy Orton came out (after Bobby Lashley chased around Carlito) to face Cody Rhodes. I wonder how long this "Legend Killer" thing is going to go on. But... even with Cody acting like he really needs to pee in the ring, the match was OK, but probably the worst match of the night.

-The next match on the schedule was a good one. Mr. Kennedy came out and did his own ring announcement saying to Coach that he should be the #1 contender for John Cena's belt. Then (after waiting patiently) Jeff Hardy's music came on and the crowd went to their feet. It was a very back and forth match ending with count out. On one occasion it appeared as though he (Hardy) had seriously injured his neck. But he turned out OK. The match ended with Hardy throwing Mr. Kennedy into the wall underneath the jumbo screen, and then sprinting back to the ring, beating the referees 10 count. This was probably the best match of the night.

-After that it was London and Kendrick against the Worlds Greatest Tag Team. London and Kendrick not only lost, but seemed a lot less exciting then usual.

-The next (and final) match was the main event, one I thought was odd. It was a champions only match, Cade, Murdoch, and Umaga against John Cena and Candice Michell. Honestly, I was expecting Candice to bring some sort of weapon out to the ring, but instead Jeff Hardy came to her rescue. John Cena then won it with a FU on Murdoch. After the match ended, Randy Orton delivered an RKO to John Cena. He was then announced the #1 contender (as expected) for Summer Slam.

So, as stated earlier, RAW was Delicious.

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