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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mr. McMahon, 2nd Deadman of the WWE?

Mr. McMahon, 2nd Deadman of the WWE?

Well, as I posted earlier this week, here, Mr. McMahon strikes again. But how? What is the story behind it going to be? Is he going to comeback from the car bomb, doubt it, but a source is now reporting that a writer for RAW is trying to bring Mr. McMahon back at the point from where he returns from the car bomb. Apparently the original idea was to have Linda McMahon framed for the murder.

It's obvious to every except to Brian Gewirtz, the writer who is pushing for this, that this is a bad idea. The McMahon death story line was extremely unpopular, especially with the internet wrestling community. It the WWE were to bring it back now, they would have to suffer through a tidal wave of angry bloggers and forum visitors. That's something I can't see the WWE wanting to go through.

Of course, what are their other options? Pretend it didn't happen? That won't work. WWE viewers are smarter then that.

If I were the WWE writing staff, I would keep it simple. No "McMahon raining on everyone's parades". I would maybe just have him make an announcement. Maybe bringing a GM to ECW? Probably not going to happen. Just saying. It would be a good idea.

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