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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who is Mr. McMahon's Illegitimate Child?

Who is Mr. McMahon's Illegitimate Child?

I am personally shocked to see this storyline. Shocked!!! When I heard of the return of the Mr. McMahon, I was expecting it to be kept simple. I was not even sort of expecting Mr. McMahon to play a part in the story. But them giving him an illegitimate child?! Never would have seen that coming. But I like it.

The only question now is... who is the kid? But I've got a better question. Who's the mother? I'll answer the kid question first, then the mother question 2nd.

There are only really 4 possibilities for this, and 2 of them shouldn't ever happen.

  1. Mr. Kennedy. We all knew he was going to play a part in the Mr. McMahon death storyline, but since that was dropped (for the most part) this would be a great place to fit him in.

    This could eventually lead into Shane McMahon getting jealous of Mr. Kennedy. Even eventually lead to a match at SummerSlam, Survivor Series, or some other PPV.
  2. Another possibility is Triple H. The Game. I bet you this came up in discussion at the WWE, but Stephanie McMahon probably blocked it. This is one of the 2 that shouldn't ever happen.
  3. The other possibility that shouldn't ever happen, is Mr. McMahon being the father of his own grand-daughter, The Game and Stephanie McMahon's child that is. This one, if discussed, wouldn't have happen due to Stephanie McMahon blocking it. I put this as a possibility because on the McMahon DVD she says she had to block an angle where Mr. McMahon was the father of her child. Then she had to block another where Shane McMahon was the father.
  4. A 4th possibility is that the child isn't a wrestler. Maybe the child is still a child. This seems improbable because there doesn't seem like there would be much of a storyline to go with that, but just the opposite. The mother of this illegitimate child could be a WWE Diva. Or, the storyline could focus on Vince and Linda. Is this the McMahon divorce storyline we've been waiting for all these years?
Now onto the mother. Don't worry, I'm not planning on making a list for this one.

As stated earlier, the child's mother could be a WWE Diva. This I think may be good. Especially if they manage to bring back a former diva like Trish Stratus to play the role of the mother. Now, nobody get excited though. I've been on all the WWE gossip sites, and the forums, and from my understanding Trish Stratus got offered her old job back and turned it down. So don't expect this to happen with Trish or any other former Diva. It was just an idea.

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You have some good points but its Hornsswoggle.


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