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Saturday, August 11, 2007

8/10 Smackdown Thoughts

Best Match: Finlay vs. Matt Hardy (even with the ending.)
Worst Match: Mark Henry vs. Jobber
Best Non-Wrestling Moment: Undertaker Returns Promo
Worst Non-Wrestling Moment: Chris Masters looking for an opponent.
Rating (out of 8): 7.3

The Good

  1. Batista vs. Domino

    Very good match. Batista got his revenge. Not much to say about it, but that's a cool picture up above!
  2. Matt Hardy vs. Finlay

    Really good match. Matt Hardy got some really good elbows in. Finlay tried to use Hornswoggle as a weapon, but then Jamie Noble came down and chased Hornswoggle away. I even kind of like the ending how Finlay went chasing after Jamie Noble to make sure he didn't hurt Hornswoggle.
  3. Kane attacking Finlay and Finlay attacking Kane

    This was a lot of fun to watch, both times. It's setting up nicely for a Kane vs. Finlay angle. An angle in which I think has a lot of potential. I love watching Finlay wrestle. I feel his in ring abilities are a lot better then he gets credit for. Kane vs. Finlay should be fun. I hope they continue this, unlike Finlay vs. Flair.
  4. The Undertake Returns Promo

    Awesome!!!! Just flat out awesome! From what I can tell it's not on YouTube yet, but as soon as it is, it will be here. It was really cool.
  5. Torrie vs. Victoria

    Not much to say about this. Victoria ended up winning then continuing her attack on Torrie Wilson until Michelle McCool came to the rescue... Barefoot... That's right... Barefoot.
  6. Ric Flair vs. The Great Khali

    For a match to prove how dominate The Great Khali is, it was a pretty good match. Khali using his new weapon, which I like, as a pinning technique I thought was great. They need to make some counter to Khali's head grip though. Otherwise it makes no sense. He has the wingspan so he could apply it at anytime, so what's stopping him?
The Bad
  1. Mark Henry Squash

    This proves nothing except that Mark Henry is good on the microphone.
  2. Masterlock Challenge

    Waste of time much? Then again, it always is.
So there you have it. More good then bad. In all seriousness, Smackdown was great! Also, this Smackdown show got really bad ratings.

1 comment:

MC said...

I'm wondering if the original guy who came out for the Masterlock challenge will be back again, and eventually wrestling..or if he was just a 1 time plant..


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