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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finlay, Everybody's Favorite Heel

Finlay, everybody's favorite heel. Or not. Who am I to decide that. Personally he's one of my favorite heels, behind Edge.

Last Friday he has a squash match against Jimmy Wang Yang, a horrible gimmick. I thought it was a great match. It showed everyone that Jimmy Wang Yang can compete with some heavyweights, but it also let Finlay build up steam for whatever is coming his way next. Possibly Ric Flair?

I think that would be a fun rivalry, Flair vs. Finlay that is. I think they'd have to let Finlay win that. Even if Flair is the best ever... he's 58 years old.

That is what I hope to see though. Flair vs. Finlay rivalry, with a lot of good matches.
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