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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Great American Bash Predictions

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley
I think this match will be the biggest disappointment at The Great American Bash because of how much it is being hyped. I think it will be a good match, but I doubt it will be "epic".
My Prediction: John Cena will still be the champ.

World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali vs. Batista vs. Kane
Possibly a good match. I have a feeling though that Batista and Kane are gonna knock The Great Khali out of the ring (near the end of the match) and then Kane will deliver a choke slam on Batista to win it.
My Prediction: Kane wins it with a choke slam on Batista.
Explanation of my Prediction: The Great Khali and Batista were going to have a feud right? Right. So why not just add gas to the fire? If it were Batista's fault The Great Khali lost his belt, that would be good grounds for a feud. So I predict this match leads to The Great Khali vs. Batista in a non-title match at Summer Slam.

ECW World Champion John Morrison vs. CM Punk
Well, I originally thought that CM Punk was going to win this match. But with Johnny Nitro becoming John Morrison I think it could go his way. I do however think that this feud is going to have to be a long one. Otherwise what are we going to see? Not much at ECW.
My Prediction: CM Punk wins with a GTS out of nowhere.

Intercontinental Champion Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy
Last time these two went off, it was a squash match in Umaga's favor. For me it's hard to see Jeff Hardy winning this match. However, it is also very hard for me to see Umaga in a match against the Jackass crew at Summerslam.
My Prediction: Jeff Hardy beats Umaga the same way he beat Shelton Benjamin to get into this match. Mostly because I cannot imagine Umaga holding the belt after a match against the Jackass crew.

Women's Champion Candice Michelle vs. Melina
Not to be mean to Candice... but she's no more exciting to watch then any other women wrestler on either roster.
My Prediction: Melina wins, and later has another feud with Mickie James.

Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton (Texas Bull Rope Match)
Unless Cody Rhodes cheats for his dad (unlikely) this shouldn't be too interesting of a match.
My Prediction: Randy Orton wins with a RKO.

United States Champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy
I really hope Matt Hardy wins this, maybe then we won't have to listen to MVP talk...
My Prediction: Matt Hardy wins the United States Championship with a twist of fate.

Cruiserweight Open
My Prediction: I can only assume that Chavo will hold on.

Sandman vs. Carlito in a Singapore Cane Match
This should be a fun match. I think that Sandman (although very old) is starting to grow on me. I can't imagine Carlito winning this match though. Partially because I've never seen him hold a weapon before, and partially because word is that Vince likes Sandman's gimmick.
My Prediction: Sandman wins and beats the snot out of Carlito.

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