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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unforgiven Predictions

Alright. It's that time. The time where I predict what the results of Unforgiven are going to be. Once again, I will be going head-to-head with MC, the writer of WWE Characters the Blog! Here they are.

WWE Women's Championship: Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix
My Pick: Beth Phoenix
MC's Pick: Beth Phoenix

ECW Championship: Elijah Burke vs CM Punk
My Pick: CM Punk
MC's Pick: Elijah Burke CM Punk *Typo*

WWE Tag Team Championships: Deuce N' Domino vs Matt Hardy and MVP
My Pick: Matt Hardy and MVP
MC's Pick: MVP

World Tag Team Championships: Cade and Murdoch vs London and Kendrick
My Pick: Cade and Murdoch
MC's Pick: Cade and Murdoch

Carlito vs Triple H
This is one of the few that MC and I disagree on. I think Triple H will use his sledgehammer on Carlito and get himself DQ'd. But that's a little out there.
My Pick: Carlito via DQ
MC's Pick: Triple H

The Undertaker vs Mark Henry
My Pick: The Undertaker
MC's Pick: Mark Henry The Undertaker*Typo again*

World Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Batista vs Khali
My Pick: Khali
MC's Pick: Mysterio

WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs John Cena
My Pick: Randy Orton (he's gotta lose eventually... right?)
MC"s Pick: Randy Orton


Anonymous said...

Eh.. I think Londrick will win :P

MC said...

Hey WWE Geek, Just wanted to set the record straight. Never picked Mark Henry or Elijah Burke to win :) Those are 2 matches that I'm pretty definite on Undertaker and Punk for.

Here's my picks that I posted yesterday:

WWE Characters Blog - Unforgiven Predictions


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