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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unforgiven/Raw Thoughts

A super post! Here we go! I'll start with Unforgiven.

Unforgiven was interesting, wasn't it? It was. There were 2 matches where the outcome didn't surprise me much. One was Triple H vs Carlito, the other was The Undertaker vs Mark Henry. Sure I did pick Carlito to win, but really I just wanted to be different.

The Randy Orton/John Cena match really surprised me. I didn't think it was possible for John Cena to hold onto his belt for this long. Really, I didn't. He has to lose eventually, right? Or does he?

Is it possible that the WWE is understanding what we're thinking. Do you think its possible that the WWE is trying to up PPV buys by adding suspense as to when John Cena is going to lose his belt? Or are they just complete morons?

(I know I'm going a little off topic here) But how awesome will it be when the WWE gets all their superstars back. Granted I think they are doing a decent job now, especially with their limited talent. But really. HBK, Bobby Lashley, and maybe even Y2J. By the way, Jericho is in negotiation with the WWE and TNA right now. I really hope that if he comes back, he comes back to the WWE, and not to TNA. I won't bother to watch him if he's on TNA.

Back on topic now. The only other match I feel I should bother to comment on is Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle. This was actually a very good match, even though Candice retained. Although, if Beth didn't win the Women's Title at Unforgiven, I doubt she will at No Mercy. But yes, very good match.

Time for RAW thoughts. RAW was... good? Decent? OK? Yea, the third one, OK. RAW was OK.

In fact, last nights RAW was so OK, that I hope Coach makes a super-handicap match. Carlito, Cade, Murdoch, London, Kendrick, and Shelton Benjamin vs Triple H. That should level the playing field.

No actually we're going to watch Carlito vs Triple H in a steel cage match. That was my 2nd choice.

You know, if Triple H is going to turn on everyone, everyone should turn back. That's just how it is. Why would Triple H turned on London and Kendrick? If it wasn't for L&K he would have gotten his ass kicked.

Moving on now... John Cena vs Santino Marella? Mr. Cena vs Randy Orton (w/ John Cena handcuffed to the bottom rope)? I don't get it. Well, actually I do. The WWE is trying to add emotion into it, and it's working, sort of. Actually, it's not working. If they want to make it work, I think they should make it quicker. Don't make the whole show dwell on it.

That's the way it is.

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