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Sunday, October 7, 2007

No Mercy 2007 Card/Thoughts/Predictions

-WWE Championship Match to Crown a New WWE Champion. Participants unknown.
-Batista (c) vs The Great Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match for the Heavyweight Title
-HHH vs Umaga
-CM Punk (c) vs Big Daddy V for the ECW Title
-Finlay vs Rey Mysterio
-Candice Michelle (c) vs Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Championship


-Jericho over Orton for the WWE Championship (Save Us!)
-Triple H over Umaga
-CM Punk over Big Daddy V
-Rey Mysterio over Finlay
-Beth Phoenix over Candice Michelle
-Batista over The Great Khali

OK so here are my thoughts.

I think Randy Orton will be in the WWE Championship match tonight. If he's not, then he will interfere in it. I also think that Jericho will be in it. That way he can return back to RAW, and attempt to avoid the vacuum that is Triple H.

The Vacuum Triple H will get a clean win tonight, along with Rey Mysterio. Both Finlay and Umaga are being fed to the Gods tonight.

Batista vs The Great Khali should be interesting. I actually thought the last Punjabi Prison Match was kind of cool. I do have one problem with it though. If there are "Razor Sharp" spikes in the Punjabi Prison... why doesn't anyone use them? Either way, should be a good looking match, because nobody will be able to see Khali or Batista through the cage.

Also, how did we avoid The Undertaker, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Carlito, and Kane, but we got stuck with The Great Khali?


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heyy so did u just give up wtf

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