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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RAW/Sorry for not Posting/What the Hell?!

There are currently two things I would like to address, then I will talk about RAW.

  1. I am sorry for not posting yesterday. I fell ill and didn't even get out of bed all day. In fact, I ended up recording RAW, and watching it today. I'm feeling a little better today, but I still took another sick day so I could watch RAW, and update you people on the current situation.
  2. What the Hell?! What happened?! I checked my blog's statistics today to see if it suffered much from not posting. Ha! Just the opposite! Instead I realize that I have gotten 300 unique visitors. For those who don't know, a unique visitor is one who hasn't viewed your site in the last 24 hours. So if everyone who is new to this blog post a comment, and tell me how you found this blog. That would be great. Thanks.
Now. To wrestling.

It started out with Carlito and his Cabana. Actually, it started out with John Cena, but was then disrupted by Carlito and his Cabana. Then that was interrupted by Mr. Kennedy. The return of Carlito's Cabana probably has something to do with maybe Carlito getting pushed from a mid-card to a main event wrestler.

A Diva's Tag Team Match was next. It ended with Maria getting pinned and Santino getting upset. Are they trying to make Santino into a heel? Are they going to make Maria go with him? Somehow I can't see Maria being a heel, but maybe that's just me.

After the commercial break, Santino was in the middle of the ring with a microphone complaining about the referees. Then Umaga came down, the referee made it a match. Santino got squashed. I was really surprised not to see Jeff Hardy in this match. I don't want to see the Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy story just go away.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daivari also happened Monday. Where was this Cody Rhodes during his Orton feud. He had a great powerslam. It was amazing. I had no idea he actually had talent. Maybe he could be useful on Smack Down...

Kennedy vs. Lashley was a great match. Maybe even best of the night. Lashley used a lot of his amateur wrestling background. Also, it's nice to see Kennedy win. He's got better mic skills then Lashley, so he probably is a lot more useful to them. Apparently Bobby Lashley was injured during that match though. That just sucks.

There was also King Booker vs. Jerry Lawler, Cryme Tyme vs. ???, and John Cena vs. Carlito. None of which too special.

Remember, Post your comments.

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