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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bobby Lashley Out...

Source: is reporting that Bobby Lashley will undergo surgery on his injured left shoulder next Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama under Dr. James Andrews. The severity of Lashley’s injury will not be known until the first surgical procedure is completed.

“They are going to do an arthroscopic evaluation of the left shoulder, that requires a small incision for the insertion of the scope,” Dr. Ferdinand Rios told “If it’s just cartilage or something that can be repaired easily, they will do so. If it is a complete rotator cuff [tear], then they’ll probably have to open [Lashley’s] shoulder up and repair it. “

According to Rios, the expected rehabilitation time for arthroscopic surgery is 6-8 weeks; however, if there is more extensive damage to Lashley’s shoulder he could be out for several months.

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Oh well. At least nobody important got hurt.

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