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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ECW Results/Thoughts

ECW was good last night... really good. It was probably the best ECW the WWE has put out in quite a while.

Tuesday night started out with John Morrison coming to the ring to make another speech. He did a really cool "shush" thing into the microphone, but he sounded high. Not how he was talking, just what he was saying. His big announcement was that he was going to continue doing the 15 Minutes of Fame, an idea I kind of like. He also made fun of Paris Hilton in this announcement. I have to say, it was a few weeks too late.

Then Morrison's inferior opponent came to the ring. He looked really strange. Morrison had an official come to the ring, Morrison delivered a low blow, the bell rang, and then Morrison won with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. That move is one of the cooler in the WWE today.

After Morrison finished off the jobber he went on to say htat nobody deserves to be in the same ring as him. Then Tommy Dreamer comes out and says he wants to be ECW champion more then anything. Elijah Burke also came to the ring to say he deserved a title shot. After all of that CM Punk decides he wants to play too and tells Morrison that if he can't last 15 minutes in the ring with him, then he will never challenge him again. Morrison then decides to have a triple threat match where the winner gets a 15 Minutes of Fame match with Morrison.

The next match was Stevie Richards vs. Kevin Thorn. Although Stevie Richards got a cheap win, it was a very good match. Mostly one sided, but very violent. And although I don't have much to say about it, it was very good.

Also on the Extreme Agenda was Big Daddy V (with Matt Striker) vs. 3 jobbers. Boring match. Extreme one sided. Violent at times, gross at other. It started out though with 3 bad headbuts by Big Daddy V, but eventually got a little better. After the match though the Boogeyman made a return to ECW, this time with a new look. They took all of the yellow paint out of his face. I think it makes him look like he's wearing a mast, but it's cool. Very... "Boogey"...

After Extreme Expose danced around, The Miz came out. He had a match against non-other then Balls Mahoney. Obviously the WWE writers have been reading this blog. Also, it was a very nice transition from the Extreme Expose dancers to the match. During this match there was an amazing Nutcracker Sweet. Amazing. Brilliant even. But then they just had to go screw it up with the end. The move The Miz used to finish off Balls wasn't very high impact at all. Also, why are they letting The Miz win this match? What are they going to do? Give him a main event push? They shouldn't.

What the WWE should do instead is give Balls a main event push. Recently WWE had a poll on there website asking who was the true face of Extreme. The answer, by far, Balls Mahoney. He had almost 80%. I think Tommy Dreamer was 2nd with less then 10%.

Finally, the main event was awesome. CM Punk vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke. It was a great match. Burke did an awesome handstand. It was great.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the better finishers in my mind, would be Jeff Hardy's swanton, Rey Rey's 619, and Jimmy Wang Yang's moonsault. Not really entertained with John Morrison's Corkscrew Neckbreaker.


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