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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cryme Tyme Released

Cryme Tyme Released. OK, so 1st they fire Eugene, and now Shad and JTG. In the middle of a push of all things.

From what I have read, Cryme Tyme had some argument with Cade and Murdoch that got them fired. What?! I hope that isn't write, because I am home sick, and I would hate to hear that the WWE is firing people for no reason now.

Speaking of firing people, Eugene was apparently fired for violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. I always knew Eugene was on steroids. You don't get that buff naturally.

Also, Batista and Randy Orton are not going to be suspended. Randy Orton is not suspended, nor is Batista suspended. I hope that this is because that they have done nothing wrong, and not because that they are "too important" to suspend. Also, it is perfectly possible that they are delaying their suspensions. Anything is really possible.

Also, the feeling backstage at RAW today is that there is going to be more firings. But what do they mean? Well, probably that we are going to see more Mr. McMahon.

Speaking of Tommy Dreamer, he is now taking over the developmental territories. Apparently he's too old to wrestle. Too bad.

Sorry, I know this is like my worst post ever, but I am really sick. I'm going to bed. You may hear from me again today.

1 comment:

sir jorge said...

i hate being sick and having to blog...i have 10 imagine what happens to me when I'm sick :(

Cryme Time released is the worst thing I've seen...I'm currently writing a post for my wwe blog entitled "WWE hates minorities"

but that's just me


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