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Monday, September 3, 2007

Who is Mr McMahon's Illegitimate Child Pt. 2

That's right! I said it! Part 2. Who is Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child?

Well, in case you have not heard the huge updates, Mr. Kennedy is NOT Mr. McMahon's Bastard Son! Isn't that fun? Especially when it is in bold. Let me rephrase that in bold again. Mr. McMahon's son is NOT Mr. Kennedy! See... Fun! This is all because Mr. Kennedy got suspended. So his whole deal as Mr. McMahon's son got dropped.

So we now need a whole new list of suspects. I'm not going to waste any energy saying it might be someone from Smackdown or ECW so here we go.

Triple H? Nah, probably not. That would imply that Stephanie McMahon's child was the result of incest, or is it step-incest, and I don't think that the WWE would want to go down that path, especially with all the bad press they are getting.

Shane McMahon? OK, so I am wasting energy being stupid, but so is the WWE... most of the time. Just play along for a second. We find out that Shane McMahon is adopted, but we also find out that the father is Vince McMahon. Eh, I'm mostly just writing this to make this article look longer then it really is.

Randy Orton? The Legend Killer? Legend Killer McMahon? Could it be? Is it possible? Am I asking to many questions? This one makes sense. Except if this happened, they would have to involve Cowboy Bob Orton. Who was released in 2006. If they went this way, and didn't use Cowboy Bob Orton it would be a mistake.

John Cena? His father is already involved in the storyline. It would be kind of neat. Except, that would mean even more John Cena, and we can't have that.

Jeff Hardy? At this point I am just naming names, but this isn't 100% crap. Mostly just around 83% crap.

Shawn Michaels? Well, this isn't going to happen, but I bet once the WWE decided not to let Mr. Kennedy be Mr. McMahon's father this name came up. The Undertaker didn't return at SummerSlam because the WWE currently wants to present the image of having an easy schedule. But recently HBK was apparently asked to come back a little early. Interesting.

Chris Jericho? Again with me naming names. This could be why the WWE has been talking to his agent though.

Shelton Benjamin? Let's hope not. Although still, perfectly possible.

(Let me pretend that this superstar can be on any brand for a moment or 2)

MVP? I think this is the only one on Smackdown it could possibly be.

Elijah Burke? Possible... not probable.

Alright, my guess is... ugh... John Cena... of course. If this happens, Cena will have to make a heel turn, or else it will make no sense.


Anonymous said...

The answer is MUCH easier than people think because of these clues:

-the "son" was adopted
-the lawyer is black
-the phrase clue is "things are looking up"

There is ONLY one WWE member who was adopted and the phrase "things are looking up" has been used by certain individual on announcing. So the answer is. . . THE COACH!

dECYFERITE said...

Unless its a really f***ed up storyline since Cenas dad was on there... could be an adoption thing, and with Cena pulling the stunt assaulting Regal and dropping the title in the center of the ring and leaving without it, it could go that way... Right there was your heel turn as far as Cena goes... I could see that because of the indy company I used to work for... the owner of that one was a pretty twisted individual and I could see something like that coming from him as well...
I'd also like to see Chris Jericho back, could be an interesting turn of events... McMahon and Jericho, both very charismatic individuals...
I'll be watching to see what happens...

Anonymous said...

it is little basterd because he is always looking up at people and mr mcmahnon is and alcaholic proboable so the child would be real mest also because little basterd is a basterd and quit little so i think its little basterd since its not keneddy

Unknown said...

Little did you know you where right


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