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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Who is Mr. McMahon's Child Part 3: Things are Looking Up

Ugh! I know. Part 3?! But it must be done.

So our clue of the week is "Things are looking up". Well. What the heck does that mean? Here are our suspects.

  • A dead wrestler? More then likely, no. When I say this I mean an Eddie Guerrero, not a Chris Benoit. This probably won't happen, but it makes sense with the "looking up" clue. Like looking up into heaven. Also, this doesn't go along with Stephanie saying that the illegitimate child is standing outside the ring.
  • Snitsky? So tall you have to "look up" to see him. Lets hope not.
  • Mr. Kennedy? When they say things are "looking up" (that's right, I'm putting "looking up" in quotes... whacha gonna do about it?) they could be referring to his microphone coming from the ceiling. But then again, BLOOD TESTS DON'T LIE!
  • Hornswoggle? He has to "look up" at everyone. Maybe?
  • Rey Mysterio? Same reasons as Hornswoggle, but this "bastard son" needs to be a heel.
  • Elijah Burke? Possible... His 4 up could tie in with the "looking up'. Maybe. Of course that would mean more McMahon on ECW and that didn't go well the 1st time.
  • Val Venis? This are "looking up"? Val Venis being the adult film star. I won't go into detail about what is looking up.
  • or This is all just some joke by Triple H? I don't know, but someone mentioned it on some forum I read and I thought it was possible.
I also want to add in, this is kind of cool. Nobody knows who Mr. McMahon's child is. Mr. McMahon in real life might not even know. None of the rumor websites know, so its possible the WWE doesn't even know. This is kind of cool.


Anonymous said...

maby shawn micheals when he gives a super kick heads go up??!!

Dave said...

Nice site, like it alot so keep up the good work. I know who McMahon's child is and I think it is fairly obvious for a number of reasons... Hornswoggle, by a fucking country mile is the bastard son of McMahon. Think about it...

- McMahon is a proud Irish-American
- When Steph said 'he is around this ring' Hornswoggle could have been under it (Therefore out of view yet around the ring'
- Easy to get rid of him when the story line has run its course... Would be much more difficult to do that with a 'Superstar' who isn't vertically challenged.
- Things are looking up??? Of course they are, he is a midget and currently a champion

I think it is a misnomer and no one else can be the son. Just think of the joke being played back on McMahon regarding his (ahem) faulty semen.

What do you think???

Dave O in Ireland

DaveTheBullfrog said...

I have a strong feeling that this bastard son thing is a set up for the return of DX, it will have just been an elaborate joke, set up by Micheals and Triple H. Plus, they have to bring back DX soon, as ratings have dropped since last year, when they reformed. And with the whole Chris Benoit thing, and WWE's wellness program severely under scrutiny, they need to bring back the farce and comedy to the show that has proved so popular over the years. If you think about it, its only really Ron Simmons who is filling the comedy bracket at the moment. P.S. Raw seriously needs some new Main Eventers, I don't know how many more matches featuring John Cena and Randy Orton I can sit through!

Anonymous said...

The person that said "Mr Mcmahon in real life might no even know" in the original post, I assume you mean he may now know who it's going to be in the storyline. I hope no one actually believes Vince really has an illegitamate child who happens to be a WWE Superstar. They had to come up with an unbelievable storyline quickly, so as to divert people's attention from Benoit, and McMahon's fake death angle.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr McMahon's so will be chris jericho for the following reasons,

- He is set to come back to the WWE
- Mr McMahons son has to come as a shock to all the wwe fans.
- someone who we didnt expect.

thats my opinion any way


bullseye said...

his son is the big show, if you remember the big show is a bastard, and the clue things are looking up? it all fits, it would be perfect for his return to the ring in this storyline. any questions email me at


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