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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ric Flair Retirement Storyline... Over so Soon?

So Ric Flair is out? Gone? Quit the WWE? Ric Flair quit the WWE?

He has been saying that this was going to be his last year in the ring. Everyone assumed that his retirement storyline would start later this year, and end at the Royal Rumble, or Wrestlemania 24. I would hope they were planning on making it Wrestlemania.

But apparently that isn't going to happen. Ric Flair has been absent from TV these last weeks, and apparently, his quiting is the reason why.

Ric Flair apparently quit the WWE because he didn't like his push. The WWE is trying to get him to cool off, and I haven't read anything about how that is going.

Also, I just read somewhere that he might sign with TNA. Actually, I read that it was "very possible". Bull. Just seeing Ric Flair and TNA in the headline made me click on it.

He apparently has started a business for life after wrestling, but also owes a ton of money to the IRS. He apparently has worked out a deal where the IRS takes a fraction of the money he makes, not all of it.

I hope the WWE gets him to cool down, and I hope he goes through with the rest of the year.

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