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Monday, September 3, 2007

RAW Thoughts

So things are looking up.. eh? Who is Mr. McMahon's Child Part 3 is coming soon. When I wrote part 2 I was unaware of the hint.

But yea, RAW was very good, it will probably be the last good RAW in about 30 days. Maybe. Maybe not. We will see.

Anyways, Carlito got a new haircut. Ha! Everyone please, take a moment to laugh with me.

Jeff Hardy vs Umaga was a good match with a really weird ending. Did Jeff really get the 3 count by knocking Umaga off the top rope? I mean, later that night Triple H hit Umaga with a chair 3 times and he didn't fall over. I have no clue what is going on here.

Santino Marella I like as a heel. But he has to win some matches. Hopefully he will beat Ron Simmons. If he doesn't then he is just pointless.

Beth Phoenix shouldn't be allowed on the Mic. Just saying.

Both the Tag Matches were good. That being London and Kendrick vs Haas and Rodman, and Mickie James and Cody Rhodes vs Jillian and Davari (if I have the spelling right). Especially the 2nd one. Mickie James and Cody Rhodes work well together.

Triple H's match was fun, but shouldn't have been called a main event. You know, you could have had a checklist of all the guys who are going to be suspended, and one by one, they took them all out.

Regal was taken out by Cena. Umaga by Triple H. Santino by The Sandman. One by One. King Booker just wasn't there. I don't think anyone missed him.

So yes, those are my thoughts. I am enjoying this whole Mr. McMahon's child storyline more then I thought I would. So this is fun.

1 comment:

J. J. said...

My prediction for McMahon's son...HORNSWOGGLE!

"Things are looking up"

Of course they are, because that's how the little guy sees the world, by looking UP at it

Lame, yes, but you have to admit I just MIGHT be onto something...


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