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Monday, September 3, 2007

Huge Mr. Kennedy Update (and other Updates as well)

OK, this is a bit of a spoiler, so if you are against these then shield your eyes.

Tonights RAW was recorded last night. During the show Mr. Kennedy came out and said that he is Mr. McMahon's child. Now as you all know, that is true. Mr. Kennedy is going to be Mr. McMahon's child. Or is he? Later on a lawyer, who apparently did a horrible job, came out and said DNA tests prove that Mr. Kennedy is not Mr. McMahon's child.

A few things on this. One. Blood Tests Don't Lie! There, I said it. Now there is no way in hell they can turn Mr. Kennedy into Mr. McMahon's bastard son. Two. This is all because Mr. Kennedy is getting suspended. Ha! Sucks for Kennedy! Actually, it really does. First he was going to win the World Heavyweight Championship, but that got scratched. Now this? Too bad. and Three. I just have to put this in bold. Mr. Kennedy is NOT Mr. McMahon's illegitimate child!! Moving on.

They (the WWE) is currently considering revealing that Triple H is Stephanie McMahon's husband. This is something I think they should do. It would be classic. Right after Triple H messes with Mr. McMahon. Mr. McMahon storms off, but before Mr. McMahon can make it back stage Triple H says to him... "By the way Vince, I married your daughter again" in his mockingly satirical voice.

Mark Henry signed a new contract with the WWE. Originally everyone thought he was going to retire so this is news.

Shawn Michaels (HBK) is against coming back early.

Chris Jericho may be returning. Jericho's agent realizes that with the WWE roster thinning out, Jericho has a huge leverage advantage.

The reason Cryme Tyme was fired is quite hilarious. See, backstage a lot of heat has been developing between Cade/Murdoch and Cryme Tyme. See Cade and Murdoch pulled a rib on Cryme Tyme so that when JTG got knocked out of the ring, he got counted out. However, that wasn't supposed to happen. JTG was supposed to get in the ring just before being counted out, but the official counted quickly and they were counted out. Cryme Tyme was surprised, but kept character and delivered their finisher to the official, then sold his belt. The problem was, that even though the official was wearing protection, he wasn't expecting the G9, so Cryme Tymer are the real-life bad guys. That is apparently why they were released.

That's right. Cryme Tyme was fired for not hurting someone. You know, if they would of just done steroids they could have kept their jobs


Anonymous said...

You think London and Kendrick might get a push then?

Edward Ball said...

it is possible that they may get a push, although I would bet that they 1st downplay the release of Cryme Tyme


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