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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Smackdown Thoughts

OK, I don't have many thoughts here, so this will be quick.

Smackdown was great. Really. It was. The tournament thing was good, MVP and Matt Hardy were good. It was all good. The Masterlock challenge was a little lame, but then again it always is.

I really like MVP and Hardy vs. The Greasers. Also, MVP and Hardy as a tag-team I like. This should lead to a fun storyline. Also, MVP and Hardy vs The Greasers was a really good match. Everyone was on their game. Great!

As for Mr McMahon's child search I'm worried about. Mr McMahon says he's going to sue the mother of his bastard son if she doesn't come out and say who it is. That was last Monday. So this Monday will be week 1, and (apparently) if we don't know by the week after that, he's going to sue.

BUT! In order for the identity to be revealed, doesn't the kid have to be there? But with Mr Kennedy suspended, is that possible? No. I hate it when storylines lie.

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